Monday, 24 October 2016

It's not all bad.

A large percentage of my work day consists of being online, with that comes the unfortunate reality that you will be inundated with news updates & rarely are they good breaking stories, but alas the breaking news tends to be of the awful variety, the good news it just not 'newsworthy' or particularly gripping I guess, one reason I like 'The Week', they always have a section called 'It's not all bad' that is 3 tiny stories of the positive variety.

But I like to find to silver linings, something I have done for possibly all of my life, especially within my life when things have felt particularly tough, so when given the opportunity to do that in a news capacity you can guarantee I'll savour every moment & come back to it often. This might be why on some levels I love the gentle nudgings & whimsy that I think come with The Simple Things magazine & Oh Comely magazine; random things put together from life, culture, adverts, fashion, all sorts & more. Although please don't get me wrong I will happily spend hours pouring over fashion magazines.

So let me introduce you to the world that is Positive News.

I like the positive traits, the fact that most of the stories are not widely written about & that mostly the positive is thought provoking & aspects of the not so good - for instance an article written about miscarriage; the positive spin? It's the unheard voice of the male experience & grief of miscarriage. Or what about the story of an all female village? The bad? They are survivors of domestic abuse, the good? They survived, are surviving and have made a safe community of women only, and it has a plethora of categories; Society, Economics, Lifestyle, Science, Environment & Perspective, chances are no matter what your particular key news interest is, you will be able to find something that interests you & gives you a bit of 'good news' for your day, good & probably less widely published. There's (in my mind at least) definitely something to be said for that.

Let's start our week with the promise of a coffee break internet corner of the not so negative.

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