Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

This week is going by at quite a rate of knots, perhaps a good thing, who knows, but I thought I'd do an old favourite of mine, a hump day round off of loves, loathes & lusts of the last week.

Loves . . .

* Interesting books, walking whilst reading, taking time off to stick my head deep into another persons words not the internal whirrings of my own head & the exciting world of potential book clubs, combined with having 'beauty & the beast library scene' moments upon finding a truly beautiful, massive Waterstones in another city. Books at the moment are proving a fantastic indulgence, escape & so much more.

* Pen & pad moments, lots of emptying my head, random doodles & similar; I think it's good for you to have moments to just empty yourself in whatever way, pictures, doodles, words, poetry, whatever & it's something I do a lot in various places, with various pens and in various forms. It's for nobody else really but me, I collect quotes etc.

* Pointless train hopping, escape days; no matter how much I love my city & my friends & family sometimes you need an actual escape, so I booked two days off from work, today & tomorrow & I have spent today train hopping; 7 trains and 2 coaches later & I'm home doing this but it's been so lovely exploring other cities, people watching without knowing or having chance of knowing the people & indulging in other cathedrals & just getting away & if it manages to include beautiful places, music, stunning book shops & a good dose of coffee it makes me even happier & is somewhat soul refreshing.

* Coffee; this is somewhat running a large percentage of my energy levels at the moment but I also have favourite places to get it from, rituals, habits & it is a bit of an indulgence of mine & that first cup of coffee in the morning, or more that first sip of the first cup tends to lead to a somewhat blissful inhalation & just like 'lets go, we can do today' vibe within me.

* Oil pulling; weirdly satisfying, leads to a very clean feeling mouth (especially after mouthwash & teeth cleaning) & it's part of my routine for winding down for the evening, 15-20 mins of oil swilling whilst I get undressed, take my days face off & moisturise. The benefits are also many & varied so I'd highly recommend it.

* Flu busters, hot shots, Charcoal & lemon shots,  similar bugs at bay busters; I have seemingly been surrounded by an insane amount of germs over the last 4 weeks in one form or another; either work colleagues are walking around looking like cartoon drawings of colds (bless them), or there are ear infections, or a housemate with a cold that lead to conjunctivitis that moved on to tonsillitis & I am not thrilled, but also I'm okay with my once a year illness, so I have been tossing down flu busters & hot shots from Rawberry (drinking shots of fire but they work), sucking manuka honey & lemon lozenges & swallowing echinacea & guzzling grapefruits & satsumas like my life depends on it & so far . . . so far all good.

* Auntie Lulu time; I had a good dosage of this over the weekend with my niece being at my mothers & it being my lovely sister - in - laws birthday & of course we had cuddles, silly moments, beauty & the beast indulgences & my pursuit in teaching her the skill of doing eskimo kisses & turkey noises is working. Sometimes we can't always be sensible & babies/toddlers/children are one of the best excuses not to be.

* Favourite magazine indulgences; 2 of my favourite magazines are Oh Comely & The Simple Things, but are just eclectic, beautiful magazines & outside of my love for fashion, I do adore these 2 so when I get a chance to toss myself into them I do, especially if whilst train hopping & even better when one includes both an article on Hygge but also on doodling with ink spots.

Loathes . . .

* Cancelled plans; I am very aware that life happens & sometimes it leads to plans changing, but when it seems to occur a lot in one week it's a little irritating, more so when it happens a mere few moments before you were meant to see someone or similar. Oh well, deep breaths & all that.

* That spot that is lingering . . . let's be honest spots are never fun, least of all when you are well & truly out of the teenage years, but when you get one that threatens to appear but doesn't, not really, so it can't be dealt with & it just lingers on you - not ideal, least of all when in the middle of your chin!

* Wisdom teeth of doom; long story but the removal surgery that was meant to occur didn't so once more I am back to referral stage & they are not happy teeth, all 4 of them are currently getting more angry, ganging up on me in general & causing varying levels of pain throughout the day. Ultimately the sooner they get ripped out of my poor gums the better. Overcrowded mouths are not fun, it also means the years of braces I had were fruitless as stubborn, barging wisdom teeth have moved all of the straightness away.

* No light in my ensuite bathroom; this is a bit of an irritation it has to be said, candlelight baths with music is one lovely indulgence when a choice & not a necessity & surprisingly candles & showers just don't make friends all that well with each other. So far the world of the electrician is proving to be an incredibly elusive one. Clocks go back next week so, yeah I really will be living in darkness, so sooner rather than later would be just fabby thanks.

If you were to list your loves & loathes for the last week (hump day to hump day) what would be on your list?

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