Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Another week has zoomed past at rather a rapid rate of knots, where on earth is 2016 darting off to in such a hurry? That being said, I'd be more than happy to see aspects of this year's behind as it leaves, that aside it means it's time for another round up/off of the last week, the highs, lows, in-betweens, the smiles, the tears & the longings.


* Edamame, Iceberg Lettuce, Garlic, Broccoli & JalapeƱos; it would seem my seemingly compulsive & long standing obsessions with green vegetables remains & garlic will always be a strong favourite, it also helps when attempting to aid the repelling & deterring of colds! 

* Fantastic books; I am someone who if I can bury myself in another persons incredible words I will do so, be it fact or fiction, I will happily absorb, swallow & indulge in fantastic books, in various moments, all the time, at any time, especially if they make you think, make you consider things differently or take you away for a moment, there is something to be said for a fantastic book. 

* Fresh sheets; who doesn't love fresh sheets? I love the smells, the crispness, the hint of cold, the fact that until it has been slept on or in bedding seems far more 'puffy', buoyant and inviting. Add to this that I always make my bed in the morning & do love throws, pillows & cushions & the indulgence of that & a short, white, waffle, bath robe after a candle bubble bath, incense & music will always be a fantastic booster & feel like a wonderous, seemingly indulgent, personal luxury.  

* Succulents & Cacti; it is in part something that fits so fantastically with the idea of hygge, but I love nature, I love plants, I love having that bit of outside inside & so will always adore adding to a collection, at the moment my house possesses 10 different succulents & cacti, but I have no doubts that I will continue adding to that collection; there is still space in my living room, kitchen/breakfast room, guest bathroom & definitely in my room. I also have yet to kill one, that will always make them a winner in my books, this is the girl who managed to kill a spider-plant (apparently you can't kill them - I beg to differ) & they fit with every season of the year & some can have amazing uses; Aloe Vera for instance. 

* Getting sweaty; this possibly sounds weird, but basically a bit of a stretch or work out session will I think always make people feel fantastic, pretty good boost to endorphins, immune system and it's nice to be reminded of the muscles you have that lie dormant during office hours. It's that moment where you peel off your slightly sticky work out wear as the bathroom fills with steam & you know you are hot, sweaty & a little accomplished.


* That ghastly few days before pay day; when you might fancy samphire, but it's more expensive than cabbage, or you are having to say no to spontaneous drinks, or you have to remember to pick up your thermos before work because otherwise shit you are one caffeine dose down & might well be less than nice to those closest to you in proximity. It's also hard when you need stamps for snail mail or you find the perfect 'something' to send in a care package, or to add to a christmas gift, but you can't get it just yet & that's always when clothing you love gets reduced & is still in your size! Come pay day, reduced it might be, your size will have run away however. 

* Dead ensuite light; bit of a pain in the arse, still yet to be mended by an electrician, one of these days it might well go wrong & my make shift bedside lamp as ensuite light may not go as well as it has been. So far no electrocution moments, be thankful for that! 

* Bad news & feeling useless; I love intensely those who mean things to me, so it's hard when bad news comes, especially when it's of the 'terminal' variety & there is nothing you can do to mend it, rectify it or make it better for them. That's so incredibly hard. Yes I can continue to love them, send snail mail, give time, tea, cuddles, but sometimes when those you are love are faced with terminal, (when you have the reality of losing then) or other incredibly hard things it's just so far out of your control that you are not sure your time is enough - alas it is all we can give at times. 

* When people surprise you in the worst ways; there are times when people can surprise you by the levels of selfishness, inconsiderate abilities & just cruelness or nastiness, it's very easy to see the world & those in it with rose tinted glasses, sometimes we are forced to face them with the glasses removed, I have had that a few times this week & in one example it was just torturous, but has given me some motivation, oomf & perspective in certain areas that quite possibly needed it. 

* Feeling heinously fat, wobbly & just not all that good in yourself; nobody likes days that are 'fat days', but I have been having a large number of them, that makes getting dressed far more tricky, that makes you want an entire new wardrobe, or to be able to wear your pjs to the office. Sometimes our inner critics are more cruel then anything else we will experience. 

So what would be on your lists for the past week?

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