Thursday, 5 May 2016

Reiki, raw juice & ducklings.

Something about 'caring for oneself' is often something that can be hard to do, or to justify finding time for but it is important, the reality is if you can't find the time to look after yourself how can
you expect to be able to have the full energy to give to others?

So today has been a good day for allowing myself a hint of the self care & mini indulgences prior to providing cover for a work shift.

So bar having utterly scrumptious 3 day old ducklings to cuddle & tend to (such fun for a giggle, as they are such clumsy little beings), then headed off to a wonderful, bohemian pixie I know to indulge in some reiki & aromatherapy massage.

For those who don't know what reiki is, it's a holistic treatment that is based on a Japanese technique for relaxing & can improve healing & is based on the concept of energy, energy flow & the power of energy transference with the use of touch. People react to it differently, on some levels that comes down to a persons own energy probably & how they are within themselves; I have a friend for instance who didn't react very well to it because of her own personal energy & empathy. Thankfully that was not the case for me.

And aromatherapy massage combines the powers of essential oils used in aromatherapy but combined with a carrier product (another oil, for instance apricot) becomes the massage oil in use. Now can I just say wow, it was the most incredible introduction into both for me, my 'pixie' in question combined the reiki with the aromatherapy massage & I literally cannot wait for my next session of longer length, which is in a weeks time.

For me a quiet brain or mind does not exist & is a highly elusive concept to me, one I can't manage to muster. Don't get me wrong I have tried & do try mindfulness when I can, but personally I think that in itself requires a degree of quiet, the key thing I battle with. So to have found I had the most eerily empty brain during this introduction was incredibly empowering, exciting & almost overwhelming uplighting, I left feeling invigorated & as though I finally got why making time for 'self care' was worthwhile, something to pursue & just 'be' in.

I really do think a bit of a mental boost can change things; I got a positive (hopefully) email . . . watch this space, I was motivated to study this evening, despite having had to cover a work shift unexpectedly & actually found studying was easier, BSL didn't seem as complicated & looking after myself didn't seem as frivolous, self indulgent or ridiculous. So I am all set for candles & a bath & the smoothie from my favourite raw cafe was very much enjoyed.

So the question today is, have you ever had holistic treatments? What do you do to take time for you & to apply 'self care' into your everyday life?

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