Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

I do love a good excuse for list making & taking 'stock' of the week that has passed. It's rather cathartic, especially when having a less then perky moment, it can help remind you of the good bits of the week.

So this past week, when I am not using paper to doodle, what has made it onto my lists?


* Sunny days & the promise it brings; today for instance has been one of those days, proper sunshine, warm enough to carry a jacket & wear a cardi but not have to wear both, hell I even had bare legs without leggings (up to a point when the chill got to much & I was forced to make a mad dash to Primark to grab a pair of capri leggings to go under my dress). I am very much a sun lover, happier with a good dose of Vitamin D in my love, less 'het up' & love the promise of summer, long nights, pub gardens, festivals, weddings & more that comes with a good dose of proper British Spring weather.
* Learning, reading, studying & more; this may sound weird but I have a perpetually active brain & I'm not very good at letting it lie idle, on top of which, I love learning & have numerous things I want to either try to learn or learn & at the moment I've been doing that a lot at the moment. I have been plunging my nose into some fantastic books; fiction & non-fiction, I'm attempting (not always well) to learn BSL & French, along with course related subjects & generally am loving how active my brain has been this week.
* Good company & catch ups; I do love good company & a chance to catch up with people & adore the important people in my life. This week has felt like I've had some awesome catch ups with some fantastic people, a fair few gins thrown in there for good measure, deep often philosophical chats, light hearted moments, random word games, a large number of giggles, cuddles & just reminders that I have some fantastic people.
* Ducklings; I am in part a 'country bumpkin', I grew up surrounded by animals in various forms & have just hatched one of my favourites - ducklings, they are so lovely, are a fantastic 'chill out' distracting tool, & have funny little characteristics , when they leave (with my mother) I can't deny I will miss them, but not the mess they make!
* Creating plans; for the summer, for health, for activities, for studies & my brain, for a rough guide for the year, for creative endeavours, for this space here. Just lately I've been formulating a lot of ideas (often out of nowhere & weirdly random), there are many a bit of paper with scribbles on them dotted around my house, room, handbag, but it is all good & boosting & like a fantastic motivator. This year is speeding past & I have things I want in it.
* More motivation; this is a bit like my creating plans point but also is more about me on the inside. I've definitely felt a bit of a shift in motivation within me for projects, for changes that may need to occur, for looking at the negatives & where they come from & how to rectify that, for being more of who I want to be, putting more of that out that & feeling able to live a fully congruent life & presentation of that life. Definitely feeling like a good place to be in part. I know the changes I want, now to put cogs in motion.
* Pastel mint nails; tragic but true, small things, but we all need them. I love pastels on nails & have found a new love (cheap/budget one, even better) for a stunning mint pastel green nail polish from Seventeen, fingers look slimmer & more tanned & that reminds me that summer is well on it's way.
* Gin; what's not to love? My favourite local now (for the last 5 weeks) has developed a 'secret' (in that it is only open on a Friday & Saturday night & hidden the rest of the time) gin bar & as a gin lover it is incredible. So far 34 different gins & ever expanding & I am collecting new favourites all too regularly. Sometimes nothing hits the spot with friends better then a cold G & T.


* Getting a blister on the bottom of your foot; I have NO idea how this occurred or why but I randomly 2 days ago managed to get a blister on the bottom of my left foot & it's an absolute nightmare, sore & alas it is not as simple as avoid the shoes with the straps that rub because ultimately it will always be in contact with shoes & the floor & my own body weight. Cannot wait for it to heal & bugger off.
* Confusions & irritations; especially a loathing factor when I am gaining a little more 'that's not what I want/who I want to be/...' internally. There are certain areas of life at the moment are confusing & often driving me mad, from people & their actions, intentions or more, to bitching & gossip that feels ludicrous & unnecessary, to blame games, or buck passing, or crossed wires or hearing things you don't need to hear. It just feels unnecessary & like such a waste of time & is yes frustrating.
* Odd mood moments; you know those days or random hours where you have gone from sky high to instantly having a face like thunder & finding you have to warn those around you to ultimately approach with caution. Or you go from smiles to being on the verge of tears. I am entirely blaming hormones at the moment but it's definitely weird to find you get thrown off kilter by wondering what the hell is going on with your mood from one hour to the next.
* Tetchy technology; from computers that decide to crash, or just glitch on you, to a ludicrously temperamental washing machine which I am currently battling, so the time that should be 3 loads of washing is currently 1 as there are extra rinses & similar. Technology fantastic lets be honest but sometimes . . . not so much.


* A proper girls holiday; who doesn't ever fancy a good sun break? I am itching to get away, if I was offered a holiday tomorrow (magically paid for) I would take it in a second & there are definitely a few people that would be top of my 'best girls holiday' company list. All different but yet so the same there would be nothing but the best time. Sun, activities, cocktails, giggles, aw bliss. Yes please. A friend & I briefly discussed that today actually. Anyone fancy putting me in their suitcase?
* For my parents to finally move out; So I turned 30 in November & moved house in September (sofa surfed until December) & then due to renovations & rebuilds on their house my mother, stepfather & various 4 legged beasties all moved in with me. 5 months later, nearing 6 months it's fair to say I'm over it & good for them to move out now. So I can go back to my own space, just 'being' & more being an adult again, because don't get me wrong I adore my family, all of them, but I miss space & oddly I miss that we (ma & I) no longer have 'girls nights' with a family friend, where we get together at a house or pub of choice, drink a few too many glasses of wine & giggle & behave badly & often share too much. We still do but not in the same way & let's be honest being 30 & living with your parents again makes the dating world a little more complex. Then I'll have 2 it weeks of space before I get housemates again.
* Time to go a little slower; where is this year going? My niece has just turned 1, I have no idea how that happened, where did my dinky little worm go to? I will be 31 in November & wanted to tick off certain things in between 30 & 31. It does feel like as you age time dashes out of the door & I don't mind if the next few weeks go rapidly (I want proper summer) but I want the summer to be long, ambling & not a blink.

So although usually there are more things on my coveting list (aren't there always) & shopping wish lists, this feels waffling & long.

What would you have on your hump day lists this week?

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