Sunday, 8 May 2016

Current guilty pleasures.

As I am sitting here relishing the lack of excessive layers I thought I'd do a little glance at some of my current obsessions & guilty pleasures that feature almost daily. The little things that are a tad indulgent (or seemingly not but feel as though they are) & can always give my day a bit of a boost where necessary.

So what are they at this moment in time?

Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate coated Coconut chips; these things are utterly divine, feel incredibly naughty & are something I am slowly but surely launching at the unsuspecting people in my life.

Good books & reading; whether it's wind down time before bed, or with a really good coffee taking 5 minutes (longer if the book sucks me in) somewhere in the sun I love reading & rarely don't have a book on the go. At the moment I have 3 properly on the go & 2 (French ones) that I'm dipping into.

Gin; this is a big love of mine & made all the more indulgent since one of my locals developed a 'secret' gin bar within it's premises for Friday & Saturday nights, so far they are up to 34 different gins I think & they are so good. Spring Black Pepper is very much a favourite at the moment.

Doodles & Mandalas; I have a bit of a chronic doodling habit. I doodle constantly it would seem, there are always started, or finished doodles littering notebooks, sketchbooks, scraps of paper, the edge of letters written to others, but especially with the symmetry for mandalas it's quite a good mindfulness, shutting everything else off moment. We don't have enough of those in life.

JalapeƱos; I cannot get enough of these fantastic little green beasts. Salads made will be covered in them, if a friend orders themselves nachos I will be stealing them, until they begin to notice that is.

Long walks with no end destination; I love walking & ultimately walk every day, some days more than others depending on mood, time frames & similar, but there is nothing I love more than the days you walk for absolute miles in the sun (or rain or cold, I don't mind) in the countryside with no timeframe planned or end location, you just walk, take a break somewhere & sit & read or similar & climb a tree before ultimately walking some more.

Matching undies; this is a long running obsession if I am entirely honest & one I think will long remain, but I adore matching lingerie, prettier the better & yes even if nobody but myself is going to see it or see me in it, I love knowing I always match. It's like the first thing you do, just for you, in the day. But it is almost compulsive in my tendency to buy items, you look for birthday gifts for others & somehow you have ordered another set of pretty, lace lingerie items.

Raw juices & smoothies; not exactly a pleasure or indulgence to find guilt within, but I love making or getting a good fresh, cold, raw juice or smoothie with any number of variations & differing contents especially if they have a bit of a kick behind them; think cayenne pepper & ginger. I also like to think it aids & undoes some of the damage of my coffee habit.

Braided or twisted crowns; I love twists & plaits/braids, there is something instantly feminine about them, that has never changed but I have definitely noticed that my tendency towards the crown style with twists or plaits has seen a massive surge. I think because it's surprisingly easy & keeps your hair very much out of the way it's become a bit of a go to, that & of course the always wearable topknot bun.

Flowers; or more naughty moments of indulging & buying them for myself & never exciting ones to be fair or huge bouquets, but cute bunches of gypsophila, or yellow tulips or (when I can find them) sunflowers. Give me 'happy' yellow blooms & cute fillers & I am a happy bunny.

Faux septum piercing; this one I love because it gives me the best of both worlds really, I have this theory that perhaps I am too old for another piercing, or more another piercing smack bang wallop in the middle of my face but I do love the septum piercings that are everywhere. Perhaps the everywhere is also why I am refusing to go through with it. But I love that with my faux septum cuffs I can literally have the best of both worlds, indulge in moments both with & without it depending upon mood, company, situation & more. There is something to be said for being able to dip your toes into both pools.

So there we are those are some of my current 'guilty' pleasures. There are others of course, but those are ones that are very much at the forefront of any indulgent moment. Do you ever have indulgences that verge on obsessions & become your pleasures for a chunk of time before perhaps being replaced? What are your current guilty pleasures?

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