Monday, 6 April 2015

It's all a little Raw.

I'm lucky enough to live in a lovely town that now has a vegan/vegetarian/raw cafe, Rawberry, which I am rather in love with & on top which, I currently work at part time (needs must) & the people are lovely, really lovely.

There are potted plants on the metal covered tables, the chairs are painted in either deep shades of burgundy with the others being bright (somewhat neon) green. There do a myriad of different wraps, snacks, cakes, soups, of course coffee, tea, juices, smoothies & . . . raw juices.

I am a big fan of raw & of juices, combine the two & you tend to get a rather happy me. So I have been slowly but surely introducing people to this world, sometimes successfully (my gorgeous friend Beet & Bobkins for instance) & not so successfully (my mother . . . wrap was a yes, raw ball was a no, juice . . . undecided & a friend who bulked at the raw vegan chocolate & was gutted by the lack of cheese & meat . . . there are neither) & indulge in these items myself a lot, then add the used organic coffee grounds, hello fantastic cellulite scrub & used wheatgrass products for face treatments & I am getting a big raw 'allover' moment, inside & out.

Favourite juices I'd massively recommend - 'Detox'; amazing! Beetroot, Spinach, Basil & Apple, 'Superskin'; so good (if slightly starchy/powdery in texture). Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Orange juice. 'Little Gem'; beyond moreish, Cucumber, Spinach & Apple.

Wheatgerm - amazingly good for you (including for your skin on the outside & gums & blood cells on the inside), but a word to the wise, it is an acquired taste - initially it may well make you shudder (it is actually like drinking cut grass) but the after taste is sweet & I like it.

Added loves; they do an amazing charcoal & lemon juice shot, really good for digestion, bloating, breath, teeth, skin, hangovers . . . go for good on the activated charcoal (something I am a big fan of anyway for a natural teeth whitening aid), they also do amazing shots with ginger (bye bye colds & hello wake up!) & the raw balls . . . oh my days; Love is the bit of 'naughty' with cacao nibs, then there is a beauty ball (aided by avocado) & a brain ball with coconut & dates but oodles of other bits.

So here are a few snippets of my raw & Rawberry moments. 
Top Row: Used Wheatgrass ready to be made into a face treatment . . . roll on Wednesday evening for a slot of foot, face, henna indulgence, the time I made ma indulge in raw balls & a juice (she had the 'Brain' juice & I had a 'Detox' juice, the balls are raw 'love' balls - amazing), 'Brain' juice.
Middle Row: Time out for me, 'Little Gem' juice & doodling to brain empty, Lunch at work with a Mediterranean wrap & 'Little Gem' juice, there are always plants & flowers on the tables. 
Bottom Row: 'Detox' juice, 'All Day' juice & a long walk, the scrub process for cellulite scrub made with organic coffee. 

Add to this Deliciously Ella as a book, an app & a blog & other raw blogs & I am rather a happy possum. There is definitely a feel good factor about the world of raw & of juicing, add sunshine (hello vitamin D) & hula hooping, long walks or runs & I am all up for a slimline bikini okay summer.

So what's your viewpoint on the world of Raw, of juicing & of natural DIY products? Do you have any favourites?