Thursday, 5 March 2015

No jelly, ice cream or pass the parcel.

Courtesy of We Heart It. 

This might seem like an odd topic, but please bare with me, it's just my head is whirring & I found myself looking at & considering the ever nutty world of children & birthdays. 

About a week ago I had a poorly friend & her little dot was at a school friends party (my 'faux niece' - I'll quantify how one can have a faux niece. She knows me as 'Auntie Lucie' & I see her a lot (every week, sometimes several times a week) & do things with her as one would a real niece). 

Well due to poorly mummy I said I'd pick her up. 

Before I go any further the little dot in question has barely turned 5, making her classmates a range of 4 & 5 themselves. 

So I found out the details, supper at Zizzis!! I had to ask twice as it just seemed odd but alas that's exactly what is was. Her friends 5th birthday party was not a 5 year olds 'party' but a supper date in Zizzis. 

I go to the entrance, a hostess comes up to ask if they can help me & I find myself uttering "yes, I'm here for a 5 year old who's attending a dinner date" all whilst trying desperately to not roll my eyes or raise my eyebrows. Thankfully the host in question did those facial reactions on my behalf. 

I got directed to the table in question & there amongst families having dinner & couples on actual dinner dates I came across the table of prim & proper 4 & 5 year olds & guess what . . .

Not a balloon or bowl of jelly was in sight. 

I get my ever excited greeting (if having a bad day I strongly recommend a bit of child time) & find myself uttering what feels like a highly inappropriate selection of words "say thank you for having me" (who the hell should she really have thanked? The restaurant host? The server for the evening?) & "did you have fun & a lovely time?" (fun . . . hmm & when exactly would they have have been playing at this 'party'? How can a 5 year old have fun on a dinner date?)

As we left & started the journey to her home, the bit in me that screams 'kids should be kids dammit' somehow started skipping & hopping & generally being a little frivolous & uttering oodles of pointless nattering subjects because ultimately there was no jelly, ice cream or pass the parcel & that just didn't feel right in my brain. 

So if it's dinner dates to turn 5, what the hell happens at a 10th birthday? Opera? Champagne & Canapés? 

Something in that evening did not feel okay; I remain thankful that my 'faux niece' had a party complete with stuffed unicorn toy (naturally named 'Uni' - I imagine the girl who had a dinner date would prefer a 'real' animal not a mythical animal toy to name 'Sir Hamilton of Toyland' or something similar).

Is it just me that thinks kids grow up too quickly these days? Or finds it a little perturbing that dinner dates are now, for some, the approach for children birthdays. 

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  1. Caitlin was invited to a hot tub party a few years ago - I think she was about 8 at the time.