Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

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Sometimes I'm grateful for the reminders that these hump day moments can be in remembering the ups not just the downs of every week & the moments that silly things tickle me & sometimes we need tickling don't we? 

Well tickle me pink:

* The start of Lent; I am one of those people that loves lent, a plethora of reasons really but it's something I do & do totally. This year is no different; there are numerous things I am giving up but I'm not going to list all of them but the general summery I give to ma is 'if it comes out of a packet I don't want it' & do 40 Acts, which is less about giving up & more about being grateful & at times generous. 
* Letter sessions; sometimes you just have to write letters. I have always been a chronic fan of snail mail, writing it & when lucky enough receiving it. I think this is a lot to do with my upbringing; thank you letters, pen pals, older relatives, friends in hospitals meant that letters became a constant & lately through to stress or similar it has gone a little by the wayside, but finally back into the flow, slowly but surely. 
* 'Girls' night moments; the reason 'girls' is written like that is because this Monday it consisted of me, my ma & a friend of ours who is 61, so really it's not your typical girls night, but it involved wine, grapes, cheese, crackers & a good natter, gossip, giggle & similar & was done just before she jetted off for a bit of sun & a wedding in Jamaica. Lucky lady. 
* The Great British Bake Off & Call The Midwife; I am not a big tv fiend or fanatic, never have been & probably never will be, but there are times when programmes appear that for that series or season I am hooked on. For instance 'Stalker' (yes a little part of me is still gutted by the series break, what is that??) but for right now it's The Great British Bake Off (for Comic Relief) & Call The Midwife; combine these two programmes with the letter writing & I fear I am secretly a 74 year old lady. But I am completely hooked by both. 
* Baby/children playdates; for those that don't know me, I am excessively lucky & broody & have been for years. I adore babies & children & at the moment whilst a bun in an oven is not about to occur I have taken to attempting to squish whatever notifications my ovaries are launching at my brain by indulging in playdates with other peoples children & babies. Also they are the best excuse for disney films, messy play, make belief & usually a fantastic provider of giggles. I strongly advise people have playdate indulgences whenever possible. 
* Fantastically indulgent hot showers; one of life's luxuries, in my mind at least. After a long stress day, or a day I get rained on, excessively cold, or just want a moment for myself, to clear my head, or given myself a bit of a pampering session (if shower is followed by tweezers, moisturised, foot moisture socks, face masks etc) then a really hot shower is very much my go to. There is something fantastic about being under a big whoosh of hot water, surrounded by steam & smelling products of your choice. I love these & may always love them. 

Oh bothersome being:

* Downpours with a rather lacking umbrella; this has happened to me a few times in the last week, I regularly question the design of some brollies, or more wonder whether people actually acknowledge that rain & wind regularly occur together & have the 'jobs' of brolly battles is actually not all that joyful, as you power walk to work bending a regularly unbending brolly the right way to attempt to do its jobs whilst a plethora of cars splash you & you internally wonder why you bothered doing your hair, getting dressed or putting make up on at all. 
* Unruly skin; letter to my skin . . . 'dear skin, seriously?!?! What is going on with you right now? I've been drinking more water & yes with lemon juice, I was even kind enough to face mask you & so please tell me what exactly your idea is at the moment, because it is not conducive to happiness from the skin owner, your owner, namely me!'
* No pancakes on pancake day; It sort of feels like somehow I missed out on a key element of the year, Christmas time holds mulled wine, ice skating & baileys hot chocolates, summer has pub gardens, henna, tan lines & anklets, pancake day requires well . . pancakes & this year due to insane busy elements to the day followed by utter exhaustion meant that this girl did not have pancakes. It sort of feels wrong. 
* Cars that splash you; Grrrr that is all that can be said on the matter, although at the time what comes out of my mouth as never ever that polite. 
* Running out of almond milk prior to that first cup of coffee; if people have ever met me prior to coffee I am not always the happiest or most coherent person in the world, now I do love hot black coffee at times, but the first coffee of the day for the benefit of my stomach lining has to include milk, so when your tired brain doesn't acknowledge you are out of milk & should therefor a) either make some or b) dash rapidly to the nearest shop to buy some it tends to slightly tarnish my coffee enjoyment in the morning. As a first cup requires sitting down, a little indulgence, no interruptions, just comfy luxury quiet bliss, which one cannot do when you have to put it off until you grab a takeaway on the way to work when ultimately the sitting down ritual is no longer an option. 

So there we are my loves & irritations for the past week & now woo it's downhill to the weekend!

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  1. For some reason bloglovin alwats gives me these on friday, sorry for the lateness
    I hope you have a good weekend lovely, and yay for Bake Off! It's brilliant :D