Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

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Another week, another hump day, another mixed bag of highs & lows, small joys & great irritations. So of course it stands to reason I'll note it down & share it. Why wouldn't I?


* Having a Willcox for the weekend; this will always come high on my list. She is one of my dearest friends, vital to my day to day existence, one of those friends who I can go months without speaking to or seeing but nothing is different when we then finally get each other time again. One of a kind & just fantastic. So having a few drinks with her, my housemate & some of our friends & then coffee & breakfast/brunch on a sunny Sunday was just fantastic. Can't be beaten, especially when at lovely Cafe Monde. 
* A Friday evening 'playdate' with a scrumptious 4 year old; if you want the best ending to a week & the best greeting I highly advise going to see a 4 year old. If you have one in your life, make the most of it, if not go & find one! I had had a crumby week, but arriving at her house to take her out for a play date & coffee & colouring, you'd think I was a combination of the tooth fairy, father christmas & more all wrapped into one. Best greeting imaginable & best booster to start a weekend. 
* Long walks; I remain thankful about where I live, one of them is definitely that I have the opportunity to walk & walk & well walk for miles, sometimes in circles, always with mud, puddles, trees, greenery & cows. I need long walks in my life, a chance to plug spotify into my ears & toss aside any shoulder lowering weights that can exist & yes I must confess I have been known to jump in puddles & climb trees to read books in or sketch in.
* Getting an interview for a job I really want; this was a massively boosting moment in my week it has to be said, it was today in fact & I have never been quite so scared, excited & more all at once . . . the worst bit is that I have to wait, waiting games are a nightmare. 
* A nice G & T or a steaming hot coffee; both of these things can make me very happy depending upon the time of day & the mood that fits. Ending an evening with a G & T (or a pint) can be blissful when with friends I love, but mid day or even that first coffee of the morning, with a moment to myself & a chance to smell, inhale & just indulge in that caffeine laden goodness that can make the difference between an upbeat me & an anything but. 


* Frustrations & down days; there is nothing good at all about down days or slump moods or worse frustrations that you can do very little about; usually when they are related to other people & there you lack power. Definite way to be a bit of a day downer. 
* Counting down & waiting for pay day; does anyone enjoy this time in the month, when you are a little less then flush (if flush at all) & you find that you are a 29 year old who is willingly babysitting for that little bit extra to aid an end of the week G & T or similar, it also tends to put a large stop to shopping cravings & 'needs'. 

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  1. For some reason Bloglvin' updates me on your posts really late -.-
    I hope this week is free from down days for you <3