Sunday, 1 February 2015

How do you curb a motivation funk?

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So this has been where I am lately, not in a swimming pod chair with layers of duvet-loveliness, but in a place of chronic motivation lacking. It's like by hitting the new year, a year that will end with me turning 30, bashed me hard around the head & just zapped away my motivation & zing.

That has been the reason for the lessening of entries here, for the reason that my plans for entries have gone by the way side, that OOTD posts have been utterly dismissed so far, that sitting for 5 minutes to plot, plan & consider has not occurred in the manner as it should do, alas even coffee cannot fix the strange funk I have been in.

It's not just here either that things have seemingly become drained of energy or motivation or the spark a person requires to do the myriad of things that makes up life & living, rather then existing. Its the end of a month & the beginning of another & for that I am grateful as I am hoping with everything that February will see the boost I need. Plus I can enjoy a G & T tonight after doing dry January! It's over so now I can enjoy the odd moment of indulgence, a cold drink after long days or whilst catching up with friends.

So I was wondering, how do you curb motivation funks? Do you have go to methods? A new year helps, it feels fresher & like maybe I can do things I haven't been or similar & try to ignore (or put less value in) the areas of stress that get me overwhelmed & flustered. Sometimes we have to motivate ourselves daily, so that may have to be how February is - a daily motivational pep talk to myself, coming up with ways of easing the funk is harder when you are in the funk but it has to be done so here are some of the things I am hoping will aid the funk removal;

* Stretch every morning when I wake up; that first stretch in bed is the best & I think ignoring it maybe doesn't fully erase sleep from your system, then morning yoga/yoga based stretching to hopefully boost me & ease the nasty back ache I am daily waking up with.

* Make sure I start & end the day with 5 minutes (or 20 minutes) just for me; zentangle, hot steaming coffee & a chance to clear/empty my mind as needed.

* Run at least every other day; exercise can be so boosting to endorphins, slimming, toning & make people feel mentally better, I need that it also will toss an extra slot of me time into my day; no work stresses, no to do lists, just running.

* I love to hoop; it's fun, it's toning (my stomach is not as it used to be, this needs improving & NOW) & I miss doing it daily, it's got to be done.

* Write down want I want to experience, to achieve, to do for every week on a Monday morning. I can cross them off as I go & get boosters that help my smiles & motivation & reassurance towards things. This is a big year, I end it by turning 30 & there are things I want to have achieved; having funks is not an option!

* In the same manner end Sunday nights writing down (screwing up & throwing away) everything that has stressed me out; worried me, upset me, gone awry during that week so that I said goodbye to it.

* Look after the things I used to be better at looking after maintaining; the small things can make a big difference. I used to be really good with my skin regimes (lacking at the moment), with nail care, with skin maintenance & with one thing or another they have dropped by the way side. My hands are not as soft & maintained as they used to be, I am enduring outbreak & outbreak of spots (something I didn't struggle with to this degree) & that's not how I used to be . . . they are little things I can do for myself & perhaps should do more.

* See & speak to the right people; phone calls, letters, staying in touch with & seeing the people I know love me no matter what, who I can have a giggle with even when things are dire (or seem overwhelmingly dire), difficult, overwhelming & a tad off kilter, even if it's just a coffee with them or a few quiet drinks at a favourite pub, the people in our lives are vital.

I am always open to fail safe ideas, so if you know any other ways of boosting & easing motivation funks or moments when everything gets a little too much, please do share them.

Here's to a new month!!

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