Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fitness, health & ageing considerations.

Who doesn't feel upbeat about running when you get to wear awesome running leggings & rather pow trainers?!

So at the end of the year I turn 30 (disclaimer, I imagine you will 'hear' that sentence a lot in the next 9 months . . . shit how is it only 9 months away?) & with 30 the reality is that you are not 16 anymore, life or more your body, fitness & similar will not treat you as kindly & 30 is a big age, how you feel, what you look like & more matters & habits you get into matter more.

This is something my brain has been whirring over for a long time, at a rapidly increasing pace & so I thought I'd launch it here.

For various reasons I am not as healthy as I should be, nor as fit as I would like to be & so those are areas I know are in dire need of a little TLC & tweaking moment, granted I did do dry January which I like to think benefited me & as such have this 'fantastic' idea to aim to do a tee total 'dry' month on consecutive months (however if there is a wedding, a big birthday, or something I may allow a glass of champagne or wine in that instance), but I think it's more then just abstaining from alcohol when it comes to looking after yourself & attempting to keep on top of the world of ageing & all it may entail, so with that in mind I have looked at areas that need improving (greatly in some areas) over the next nine months & onwards to make myself feel better about ageing & about how I treat myself, my body & health, sometimes life needs an overall & there is nothing like a scary birthday to do it to you.

1. Fitness: this is in dire, dire need of a tweak, of TLC & of maintaining. I do walk everywhere (yes I am a 29 year old that as of yet has not learnt to drive; although intend to by 30), which helps I am aware of that & do love a good hula hooping moment but where I used to have really rather good fitness; I used to play hockey, run daily, do endless sit ups, swim several times a week, skip, hula hoop & similar, for various reasons that got squished. Namely because it got a little out of control & was very much wrapped up in the world of disordered eating (that is a story for a different time), but I miss running, I miss what endless exercise did to my body, I miss being fantastically toned & I intend to have that back. It is also a fantastic way of clearing ones mind & whenever I do re-don my running gear I always feel so much better for it. So let's throw myself back into fitness & hope for the best; the best in this case being that I feel good, lose wobble but can keep in control of it.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

2. Skincare: I used to have really good skin, it was one of the things I rather liked about myself, very rarely did I suffer outbreaks, my pores were relatively good, I had upbeat, happy, good skin. Alas smoking too much, not being as careful as I had been, being recently utterly shocking with my water intake & regimes has meant to skin not being as it once was & I want it back; so oodles of water, lots of regimes returning & a bit more indulgence in the world of natural masks & skin treatments & care.

3. Water: I used to drink ludicrous amounts of water, I loved it. Lately with tiredness, work stress & being cold a lot, my water intake has taken a bit of a backseat & has been replaced by even more caffeine & coffee related indulgences. So upping the water once more & with fantastic infusions recipes that you can get & make there really is no excuse & to be fair, green tea, fruit tea, peppermint tea, hot water with lemon juice also really helps incase the water tally chart.

Courtesy of We Heart It. 

4. Smoking: it finally has to actually go, Lent is heading our way rapidly - next Wednesday in fact, & I have a plethora of aims for lent one of which is to finally get rid of my rather unattractive & fairly atrocious for skin & health & fitness habits, that of the pull of nicotine. So let's cross the crossable & bring out the stubbornness that exists within & say goodbye to the tar sticks & wrinkle creators.

5. Mental Wellbeing; this is important! Really important! So between my therapist & her side of things, its important I start doing more of the things I love (like this, like art, like creating, like fashion, let friends, like walking) & get something out of, as well as slowly but surely work towards the things that I want most in life, from careers, to qualifications, to jobs that give me a purpose & boost happiness, financial stability & motivation. Sometimes maybe you have to let yourself dance in the rain, kiss strangers because there is a bit of 'pow' between you, write letters to boost yourself & the receivers, jump in puddles, have playdates with babies & children. If you can't indulge your inner pleasures, you can't smile at times & mean it & seek out the high bringers, your mental happiness crumbles more quickly & a frown will always age you quicker then a smile.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

6. Food; hmmm this is a tricky one & one I have to at times monitor & be very careful with, but what goes in your mouth massively impacts your outside; shape, weight, glowing skin, happiness, energy levels, well being & yes with it . . . how you age. It's one of the reasons I am always baffled by people that don't like vegetables or fruit, or would rather grab a burger then steam veg or chop some salad, I don't eat meat & am a strong believer in avoiding as much dairy as possible, living as close to a vegan existence as I can, without losing all control & going from being cautious, careful & healthy to a chronically controlled disorder. If you are lacking inspiration, pinterest is a great source, as is Deliciously Ella.

So there it is, some of the considerations I must take heed of & enforce a lot because hell this girl turns 30 at the end of the year & no other areas I can't control in the same way (proper relationship/longterm/marriage with a baby/bump by 30 is hardly about to magically occur now) but these I can. So if you can . . . then do.


  1. I need to quit smoking too, but part of me really doesn't want to let go dammit!

  2. I almost quit smoking (uh, if an e-cigarette counts) but I got pulled back in recently so I need to quit too. Careful with the exercise (I worry, it's what I do) but yay for health!