Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

Sometimes I'm grateful for the reminders that these hump day moments can be in remembering the ups not just the downs of every week & the moments that silly things tickle me & sometimes we need tickling don't we? 

Well tickle me pink:

* The start of Lent; I am one of those people that loves lent, a plethora of reasons really but it's something I do & do totally. This year is no different; there are numerous things I am giving up but I'm not going to list all of them but the general summery I give to ma is 'if it comes out of a packet I don't want it' & do 40 Acts, which is less about giving up & more about being grateful & at times generous. 
* Letter sessions; sometimes you just have to write letters. I have always been a chronic fan of snail mail, writing it & when lucky enough receiving it. I think this is a lot to do with my upbringing; thank you letters, pen pals, older relatives, friends in hospitals meant that letters became a constant & lately through to stress or similar it has gone a little by the wayside, but finally back into the flow, slowly but surely. 
* 'Girls' night moments; the reason 'girls' is written like that is because this Monday it consisted of me, my ma & a friend of ours who is 61, so really it's not your typical girls night, but it involved wine, grapes, cheese, crackers & a good natter, gossip, giggle & similar & was done just before she jetted off for a bit of sun & a wedding in Jamaica. Lucky lady. 
* The Great British Bake Off & Call The Midwife; I am not a big tv fiend or fanatic, never have been & probably never will be, but there are times when programmes appear that for that series or season I am hooked on. For instance 'Stalker' (yes a little part of me is still gutted by the series break, what is that??) but for right now it's The Great British Bake Off (for Comic Relief) & Call The Midwife; combine these two programmes with the letter writing & I fear I am secretly a 74 year old lady. But I am completely hooked by both. 
* Baby/children playdates; for those that don't know me, I am excessively lucky & broody & have been for years. I adore babies & children & at the moment whilst a bun in an oven is not about to occur I have taken to attempting to squish whatever notifications my ovaries are launching at my brain by indulging in playdates with other peoples children & babies. Also they are the best excuse for disney films, messy play, make belief & usually a fantastic provider of giggles. I strongly advise people have playdate indulgences whenever possible. 
* Fantastically indulgent hot showers; one of life's luxuries, in my mind at least. After a long stress day, or a day I get rained on, excessively cold, or just want a moment for myself, to clear my head, or given myself a bit of a pampering session (if shower is followed by tweezers, moisturised, foot moisture socks, face masks etc) then a really hot shower is very much my go to. There is something fantastic about being under a big whoosh of hot water, surrounded by steam & smelling products of your choice. I love these & may always love them. 

Oh bothersome being:

* Downpours with a rather lacking umbrella; this has happened to me a few times in the last week, I regularly question the design of some brollies, or more wonder whether people actually acknowledge that rain & wind regularly occur together & have the 'jobs' of brolly battles is actually not all that joyful, as you power walk to work bending a regularly unbending brolly the right way to attempt to do its jobs whilst a plethora of cars splash you & you internally wonder why you bothered doing your hair, getting dressed or putting make up on at all. 
* Unruly skin; letter to my skin . . . 'dear skin, seriously?!?! What is going on with you right now? I've been drinking more water & yes with lemon juice, I was even kind enough to face mask you & so please tell me what exactly your idea is at the moment, because it is not conducive to happiness from the skin owner, your owner, namely me!'
* No pancakes on pancake day; It sort of feels like somehow I missed out on a key element of the year, Christmas time holds mulled wine, ice skating & baileys hot chocolates, summer has pub gardens, henna, tan lines & anklets, pancake day requires well . . pancakes & this year due to insane busy elements to the day followed by utter exhaustion meant that this girl did not have pancakes. It sort of feels wrong. 
* Cars that splash you; Grrrr that is all that can be said on the matter, although at the time what comes out of my mouth as never ever that polite. 
* Running out of almond milk prior to that first cup of coffee; if people have ever met me prior to coffee I am not always the happiest or most coherent person in the world, now I do love hot black coffee at times, but the first coffee of the day for the benefit of my stomach lining has to include milk, so when your tired brain doesn't acknowledge you are out of milk & should therefor a) either make some or b) dash rapidly to the nearest shop to buy some it tends to slightly tarnish my coffee enjoyment in the morning. As a first cup requires sitting down, a little indulgence, no interruptions, just comfy luxury quiet bliss, which one cannot do when you have to put it off until you grab a takeaway on the way to work when ultimately the sitting down ritual is no longer an option. 

So there we are my loves & irritations for the past week & now woo it's downhill to the weekend!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fitness, health & ageing considerations.

Who doesn't feel upbeat about running when you get to wear awesome running leggings & rather pow trainers?!

So at the end of the year I turn 30 (disclaimer, I imagine you will 'hear' that sentence a lot in the next 9 months . . . shit how is it only 9 months away?) & with 30 the reality is that you are not 16 anymore, life or more your body, fitness & similar will not treat you as kindly & 30 is a big age, how you feel, what you look like & more matters & habits you get into matter more.

This is something my brain has been whirring over for a long time, at a rapidly increasing pace & so I thought I'd launch it here.

For various reasons I am not as healthy as I should be, nor as fit as I would like to be & so those are areas I know are in dire need of a little TLC & tweaking moment, granted I did do dry January which I like to think benefited me & as such have this 'fantastic' idea to aim to do a tee total 'dry' month on consecutive months (however if there is a wedding, a big birthday, or something I may allow a glass of champagne or wine in that instance), but I think it's more then just abstaining from alcohol when it comes to looking after yourself & attempting to keep on top of the world of ageing & all it may entail, so with that in mind I have looked at areas that need improving (greatly in some areas) over the next nine months & onwards to make myself feel better about ageing & about how I treat myself, my body & health, sometimes life needs an overall & there is nothing like a scary birthday to do it to you.

1. Fitness: this is in dire, dire need of a tweak, of TLC & of maintaining. I do walk everywhere (yes I am a 29 year old that as of yet has not learnt to drive; although intend to by 30), which helps I am aware of that & do love a good hula hooping moment but where I used to have really rather good fitness; I used to play hockey, run daily, do endless sit ups, swim several times a week, skip, hula hoop & similar, for various reasons that got squished. Namely because it got a little out of control & was very much wrapped up in the world of disordered eating (that is a story for a different time), but I miss running, I miss what endless exercise did to my body, I miss being fantastically toned & I intend to have that back. It is also a fantastic way of clearing ones mind & whenever I do re-don my running gear I always feel so much better for it. So let's throw myself back into fitness & hope for the best; the best in this case being that I feel good, lose wobble but can keep in control of it.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

2. Skincare: I used to have really good skin, it was one of the things I rather liked about myself, very rarely did I suffer outbreaks, my pores were relatively good, I had upbeat, happy, good skin. Alas smoking too much, not being as careful as I had been, being recently utterly shocking with my water intake & regimes has meant to skin not being as it once was & I want it back; so oodles of water, lots of regimes returning & a bit more indulgence in the world of natural masks & skin treatments & care.

3. Water: I used to drink ludicrous amounts of water, I loved it. Lately with tiredness, work stress & being cold a lot, my water intake has taken a bit of a backseat & has been replaced by even more caffeine & coffee related indulgences. So upping the water once more & with fantastic infusions recipes that you can get & make there really is no excuse & to be fair, green tea, fruit tea, peppermint tea, hot water with lemon juice also really helps incase the water tally chart.

Courtesy of We Heart It. 

4. Smoking: it finally has to actually go, Lent is heading our way rapidly - next Wednesday in fact, & I have a plethora of aims for lent one of which is to finally get rid of my rather unattractive & fairly atrocious for skin & health & fitness habits, that of the pull of nicotine. So let's cross the crossable & bring out the stubbornness that exists within & say goodbye to the tar sticks & wrinkle creators.

5. Mental Wellbeing; this is important! Really important! So between my therapist & her side of things, its important I start doing more of the things I love (like this, like art, like creating, like fashion, let friends, like walking) & get something out of, as well as slowly but surely work towards the things that I want most in life, from careers, to qualifications, to jobs that give me a purpose & boost happiness, financial stability & motivation. Sometimes maybe you have to let yourself dance in the rain, kiss strangers because there is a bit of 'pow' between you, write letters to boost yourself & the receivers, jump in puddles, have playdates with babies & children. If you can't indulge your inner pleasures, you can't smile at times & mean it & seek out the high bringers, your mental happiness crumbles more quickly & a frown will always age you quicker then a smile.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

6. Food; hmmm this is a tricky one & one I have to at times monitor & be very careful with, but what goes in your mouth massively impacts your outside; shape, weight, glowing skin, happiness, energy levels, well being & yes with it . . . how you age. It's one of the reasons I am always baffled by people that don't like vegetables or fruit, or would rather grab a burger then steam veg or chop some salad, I don't eat meat & am a strong believer in avoiding as much dairy as possible, living as close to a vegan existence as I can, without losing all control & going from being cautious, careful & healthy to a chronically controlled disorder. If you are lacking inspiration, pinterest is a great source, as is Deliciously Ella.

So there it is, some of the considerations I must take heed of & enforce a lot because hell this girl turns 30 at the end of the year & no other areas I can't control in the same way (proper relationship/longterm/marriage with a baby/bump by 30 is hardly about to magically occur now) but these I can. So if you can . . . then do.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Footwear Wish List.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

Who doesn't love a lusting moment? This time I thought I'd have a little footwear based indulgence session on this particular Friday (granted as a singleton I am sure I could create a 'what Id' love for Valentines list, but hmmm not about to happen) although I am not about to find the pennies in my back pocket for a gorgeous pair from YSL but that a side a girl can lust after more affordable shoes. So that is what I am doing & I intend to enjoy doing so, with picking two different places (if I pick more then two we'd be here for a very long time). ASOS & Free People

First up, ASOS:

ASOS Shuffle Flatforms; £25, Report Signature Allon Velvet Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots; £66, ASOS LAKE Two Part Ballerinas; £22.
KG Kurt Geiger Harriet Black Glitter Cut Out Shoe Boots; £72, Supertrash Amber Leather Cut Out Shoes; £155, ASOS JUDE Woven Lace Up Leather Shoes; £25.
ASOS STRATFORD Pointed Heels; £35, ASOS MINUTE TIMER Suede Moccasin Shoes; £30, ASOS JUXTA Pointed Espadrilles; £15.
ASOS ENTICING Laser Boots; £48, ASOS EMPIRE Chelsea Ankle Boots; £42, ASOS RAGAN Two Part Ankle Boots £45.
ASOS JUXTA Pointed Espadrilles (Stripe); £15, ASOS AMONGST US Fringe Suede Booties; £38. 

and to end Free People:

Peaks Point Wedge; £118, Handmade Ballet Slipper; £128, Hey Juliet Flat; £128.
Hopewell Mocassin; £88, Aurora Espadrille; £138, Freeway Espadrille; £68, Moroccan Slip On Sandal; £42.
Rae Sandal; £248, Up All Night Wedge Boot; £100 (both colours), Neverland Chelsea Boot; £550.
Lost Valley Ankle Boot; £148, Cabal Wedge Boot; £174, Devant Leather Ballet Slipper; £48.

So there we have some of the footwear I have chronic lust for at the moment. What are your feet craving at the moment?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

Another week, another hump day, another mixed bag of highs & lows, small joys & great irritations. So of course it stands to reason I'll note it down & share it. Why wouldn't I?


* Having a Willcox for the weekend; this will always come high on my list. She is one of my dearest friends, vital to my day to day existence, one of those friends who I can go months without speaking to or seeing but nothing is different when we then finally get each other time again. One of a kind & just fantastic. So having a few drinks with her, my housemate & some of our friends & then coffee & breakfast/brunch on a sunny Sunday was just fantastic. Can't be beaten, especially when at lovely Cafe Monde. 
* A Friday evening 'playdate' with a scrumptious 4 year old; if you want the best ending to a week & the best greeting I highly advise going to see a 4 year old. If you have one in your life, make the most of it, if not go & find one! I had had a crumby week, but arriving at her house to take her out for a play date & coffee & colouring, you'd think I was a combination of the tooth fairy, father christmas & more all wrapped into one. Best greeting imaginable & best booster to start a weekend. 
* Long walks; I remain thankful about where I live, one of them is definitely that I have the opportunity to walk & walk & well walk for miles, sometimes in circles, always with mud, puddles, trees, greenery & cows. I need long walks in my life, a chance to plug spotify into my ears & toss aside any shoulder lowering weights that can exist & yes I must confess I have been known to jump in puddles & climb trees to read books in or sketch in.
* Getting an interview for a job I really want; this was a massively boosting moment in my week it has to be said, it was today in fact & I have never been quite so scared, excited & more all at once . . . the worst bit is that I have to wait, waiting games are a nightmare. 
* A nice G & T or a steaming hot coffee; both of these things can make me very happy depending upon the time of day & the mood that fits. Ending an evening with a G & T (or a pint) can be blissful when with friends I love, but mid day or even that first coffee of the morning, with a moment to myself & a chance to smell, inhale & just indulge in that caffeine laden goodness that can make the difference between an upbeat me & an anything but. 


* Frustrations & down days; there is nothing good at all about down days or slump moods or worse frustrations that you can do very little about; usually when they are related to other people & there you lack power. Definite way to be a bit of a day downer. 
* Counting down & waiting for pay day; does anyone enjoy this time in the month, when you are a little less then flush (if flush at all) & you find that you are a 29 year old who is willingly babysitting for that little bit extra to aid an end of the week G & T or similar, it also tends to put a large stop to shopping cravings & 'needs'. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Planet Blue Wish List.

Another week, another coveting moment . . . & after the week I have had, coveting & a glass of gin makes a lot of things feel a little better.

This time let's dash off to Planet Blue (moments like this I cannot help but think in regards to my style preferences I live in the wrong country, as there does seem to be far more bohemian & less of the intensely body con abroad, alas it just means I may spend my life with a lot of shopping costs).


Eternal Sunshine Creations Denver Mini Dress; $175, Blue Life Rope Dress; $185, Ále by Alessandra Bias Beaded Dress; $158.
Indaah Cowl Neck Silk Cocktail Dress; $207, Blue Life V Neck Cape Cool; $115.
Free People Embroidered Dress; $168, Amuse Society Mia Dress; $56, Novella Royale Wild Love Maxi Dress; $207. 


The Fifth Label No Hope Top; $50, For Love & Lemons Midnight Cowgirl Crop Top; $75, Blue Life Kimono Sleeve Blouse; $115.
Ále by Alessandra Tassel Top; $132, Jens Pirate Booty Forever Cha Cha Tube Top; $145, Midnight Ryder Marfa Muscle Tee; $62. 


Hung On You Hoy Pull on Pant; $154, Gold Hawk Classic Lace Silk Short; $77, One Teaspoon Dixies Crop Jeans; $139, Amuse Society Crossroad Denim Short; $54.

Jumpers & Cardis:

BB Dakota Dakota Symona Sweater; $79, Goddis Hooded Wrap Sweater; $215, BB Dakota Tyree Hairy Knit Sweater; $84, Tigerlily Manchee Cardi; $242, BB Dakota Ranielle Split Back Sweater; $84.

There is also a ridiculous amount of jewellery, swimwear, undies & fitness wear that I would greatly covet, but if I start on that pathway too I will never stop & I have a gorgeous friend coming to see me from London tomorrow for the weekend so I cannot afford to put off the boring bits of life (tidying & sorting namely) that I have been putting off. 

But what would you get if money was not a concern from Planet Blue? Have you ever been to Planet Blue before? & if not this little corner of the world, what are you coveting this Friday?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

How do you curb a motivation funk?

Courtesy of We Heart It.

So this has been where I am lately, not in a swimming pod chair with layers of duvet-loveliness, but in a place of chronic motivation lacking. It's like by hitting the new year, a year that will end with me turning 30, bashed me hard around the head & just zapped away my motivation & zing.

That has been the reason for the lessening of entries here, for the reason that my plans for entries have gone by the way side, that OOTD posts have been utterly dismissed so far, that sitting for 5 minutes to plot, plan & consider has not occurred in the manner as it should do, alas even coffee cannot fix the strange funk I have been in.

It's not just here either that things have seemingly become drained of energy or motivation or the spark a person requires to do the myriad of things that makes up life & living, rather then existing. Its the end of a month & the beginning of another & for that I am grateful as I am hoping with everything that February will see the boost I need. Plus I can enjoy a G & T tonight after doing dry January! It's over so now I can enjoy the odd moment of indulgence, a cold drink after long days or whilst catching up with friends.

So I was wondering, how do you curb motivation funks? Do you have go to methods? A new year helps, it feels fresher & like maybe I can do things I haven't been or similar & try to ignore (or put less value in) the areas of stress that get me overwhelmed & flustered. Sometimes we have to motivate ourselves daily, so that may have to be how February is - a daily motivational pep talk to myself, coming up with ways of easing the funk is harder when you are in the funk but it has to be done so here are some of the things I am hoping will aid the funk removal;

* Stretch every morning when I wake up; that first stretch in bed is the best & I think ignoring it maybe doesn't fully erase sleep from your system, then morning yoga/yoga based stretching to hopefully boost me & ease the nasty back ache I am daily waking up with.

* Make sure I start & end the day with 5 minutes (or 20 minutes) just for me; zentangle, hot steaming coffee & a chance to clear/empty my mind as needed.

* Run at least every other day; exercise can be so boosting to endorphins, slimming, toning & make people feel mentally better, I need that it also will toss an extra slot of me time into my day; no work stresses, no to do lists, just running.

* I love to hoop; it's fun, it's toning (my stomach is not as it used to be, this needs improving & NOW) & I miss doing it daily, it's got to be done.

* Write down want I want to experience, to achieve, to do for every week on a Monday morning. I can cross them off as I go & get boosters that help my smiles & motivation & reassurance towards things. This is a big year, I end it by turning 30 & there are things I want to have achieved; having funks is not an option!

* In the same manner end Sunday nights writing down (screwing up & throwing away) everything that has stressed me out; worried me, upset me, gone awry during that week so that I said goodbye to it.

* Look after the things I used to be better at looking after maintaining; the small things can make a big difference. I used to be really good with my skin regimes (lacking at the moment), with nail care, with skin maintenance & with one thing or another they have dropped by the way side. My hands are not as soft & maintained as they used to be, I am enduring outbreak & outbreak of spots (something I didn't struggle with to this degree) & that's not how I used to be . . . they are little things I can do for myself & perhaps should do more.

* See & speak to the right people; phone calls, letters, staying in touch with & seeing the people I know love me no matter what, who I can have a giggle with even when things are dire (or seem overwhelmingly dire), difficult, overwhelming & a tad off kilter, even if it's just a coffee with them or a few quiet drinks at a favourite pub, the people in our lives are vital.

I am always open to fail safe ideas, so if you know any other ways of boosting & easing motivation funks or moments when everything gets a little too much, please do share them.

Here's to a new month!!