Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wake up brain, please wake up!

This week I returned to the world of work, with this comes the realisation that I really do need my brain to back to functioning levels & a little more used then it has been over the last 4 weeks. That is a daunting & somewhat exhausting prospect. 

You'd be amazed at how quickly you can get out of the working habits you might otherwise have & I became incredibly aware of this yesterday. So off I dollied to work; headphones plugged in, eclectic mix of music playing, large coffee in hand, telling myself that 4 weeks wouldn't have made my brain die. Alas I was wrong. Just to explain I work at a university working with students depending upon their needs & I love it, however depending on the subject sometimes you really need your brain, class one to through at my head - degree level history, ouch! I very rapidly became aware of 3 things; 
1. My brain had indeed hibernated.
2. I could no longer sit still with as much ease for 3 hour slots, not at all, my tail bone & legs resented me a lot for re-thrusting this experience at them, more so because it meant sitting on chairs - something I through preference tend not to do.
& 3. In less you like history enough to continue reading about it during a 4 week period of time, you will feel as though your mind has been hit by a bus on returning to the subject. 
I was greatly underprepared, even more so when it did to instantly go smoothly - the first room I had been given was in fact the wrong room (thankfully another person I work with & a student had also been given the same wrong information); after mad dashes to faculty offices we found ourselves at the right place, however half an hour late. Have you ever tried to work out what the hell you have missed in 30 minutes on a subject you do not know particularly well? It is not easy. After 3 hours of that I then had a great need to attend to; a caffeine top up (this will not be a job that will ever allow for a reduction in caffeine levels), a walk & to try to find the newly scrambled pieces of my brain. 

One question was going round inside my head on repeat; how the hell did I manage this before Christmas? Because I had & I had managed it well. 
It's strange to feel daunted by a job you know, nor is it particularly reassuring, but today is day 2 & I am aiming for no room issues & to feel a little more brain ready, although granted the prospect of 3 hours of history as a starting point at 9am is making me already plan the coffee I'll be ordering from 'Eat, Drink & Bee' on the way to that class & yes it will be the largest size I can get. 
It's amazing to acknowledge that actually brains are rather a lot like muscles & get out of habits with as much ease as those habits that help a toned backside to get wobbly can occur. I have a suspicion that over the next month especially I will be doing lots of boosting in brain, muscle & habit formations. 

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