Friday, 16 January 2015

Rat & Boa & Sabo Skirt Wish List.

So another Friday & a little more lust . . . it happens & I like to think there is no harm in it, although starting to find that online lusting can make for an unhappy being when you make the error of looking at a bank balance, or looking at things that just make you long for flirty beach days or picnics in parks, or pub garden evenings all of which require one key thing . . . sunshine! I am already massively lusting for summer & all that it brings with it. But that aside it's a Friday & time for coveting! This time at 2 new places to my horizons; new but ones I know I will end up buying from . . . at least once.

First off, it's Rat & Boa, I love the items on this site, granted the ladies are teeny tiny in size, but that asides I love the styling of the models & outfits & of the clothes themselves, so here are some of my lust areas; once my stomach & more are as they should be.

Aurora Twin Set; £42, Wanderer Crop; £28, White Tie Dye Shirt Dress; £28, 'Simple-T' Black Chiffon Twin Set; £42 & Heartbreaker Crop Top; £28.

White Willow Slit Maxi Dress; £38, White Off The Shoulder Crochet Dress; £36, Cobalt Blue Dress; £30, Navy Mirage Dress; £38 & Cobain Hoodie; £40.

Do you know of Rat & Boa? What would be on your wish list from their little corner of the internet?

Next up, it's Sabo Skirt . . . this place makes massive summer longings, & tousled unkempt hair. It's nearly February, surely summer can spring up on us with great rapidity?

Boyfriend Jeans - Black; £33.68, Seashell Shorts; £20.64, Atlantis Shorts; £26.07 & Grey Charmed Skirt; £28.25.

Stretch Pants; £22.81, Carlisle Crop; £26.07, Black Knit Top; £22.81 & Tie Dye Top; £17.38.

Wave Crop Top; £22.81, Prophecy Top; £22.81, Mia Top; £20.64 & Maiden Tie Dye Playsuit; £26.07.

Zephyr Playsuit; £31.51, Sanctuary Maxi Dress; £28.25, Vanity Shirt Dress; £31.51, Avery Overlay Maxi; £42.37 & Goddess Macrame Maxi; £36.94

Do you know Sabo Skirt? What would be on your wish list?

So that's my Friday lust session, now to tidy, iron & sort what I already own in the hope it curves lust cravings from becoming reality all too quickly. 

Happy lusting! 

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  1. This cute edit makes me want to go on holiday! :) I enjoyed this post, I'd love if you popped over to see mine sometime.

    Georgi xx