Thursday, 8 January 2015

Interviews . . . & the world of them.

Lilac hair does not always make for appropriate interview attire, alas it is true. So as much as the random lilac streaks have faded & I am itching to redo it, at the moment it has been put on hold (for lilac or similar urges & renewal compulsions looks like chalking is the way forward . . . for now at least).

Interviews, job hunting, both have been my life for the last few weeks & can I just say it's exhausting. You'd perhaps be surprised by how exhausting 'putting yourself out there' can be. I am shattered & in that ghastly waiting place of asking myself 'how did I really do?' For those that have been there (90% of the population I'd imagine) I have no doubts you can understand the lack of fun in the place post interview. 

Do I really want to be job hunting again? If honest no, not at all, I love my job (plus it allows for lilac hair) but financially I am greatly struggling, it's just not looking all that viable to stay where I am. So what are my options? A second job? Possibly but that would reduce life; social life, the chance of meeting a nice guy anytime soon or in the future & Mr & Mrs Taxman oh so love to get a tad tax-happy if you have two jobs. Or start from scratch & get an entirely new job . . . this is where I currently find myself in regards to navigation. Yes if things dramatically changed in security terms where I am now the job hunt would get launched out of the nearest window, but for now plow on one must. 

It's tough though sitting here now knowing that next week I have 2 interviews awaiting me & by tomorrow night I will have had 3 this week & they are all so different, often different salaries & although the contexts are similar in someways the daily experiences will all be varied & worlds away from each other so I start going down the path of if I was successful which job do I actually want? That's tricky when the variations are seemingly vast, hmmm. So in the mean time I am going to put my best face forward - without lilac hair & just hope.

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