Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

How is it already the end of January? This is alarming, massively so but to get to the ending of months must come the ending of weeks & with that comes hump days & if you are me, hump day round ups of the lusts & loathes. 


* Birthday frivolities: on 24th it was my step father's birthday & we got oodles of us together at different stages of the day for what was lovely & in his mind also. We started the morning at the crack of dawn (well for a Saturday) & heading off for a day's clay shooting, lots of fun despite the cold (lots & LOTS of layers, hand & foot warmers & coffee) & I managed to win myself £30 in a bet as to hitting a clay with my last 3 shots. Then as a family off we heading in the evening for dinner (3 courses) at The Hotel Du Vin, where he & my mother stayed for a night. He enjoyed his day & so di everyone else. 
Courtesy of We Heart It. 

* Zentangle: I am obsessed. It's something I love doing, at any given moment I'll find I have a pen in my hand, sketchbook, notebook or bit of paper somewhere & the doodling begins. I am a doodler, an endless, continuous doodler, but I love it & sometimes I really need it to keep my head a little more sane. 
This picture is one of my many zentangle moments.

* Pay Day: hardly one to get excited about, not at all, but it means I paid rent & bills this month so for that I will be thankful & hey my brother owes me £ after the clay shooting bet went in my favour. 

* The email telling me that Deliciously Ella's book is on it's way: in theory I will receive it tomorrow, I have the app on my phone, I read the blog, I preordered her book in October & I have been counting down to getting that email, so now I have it & blip, funk, less then perky days have suddenly been a little bit mended. 

* That first coffee of the morning: as silly as this may well sound, that first sip of the first cup of coffee of the morning is just divine. It's a slot of time just for me. No errands, no people, no work stuff, no nothing, just me, sitting cross legged indulging in a hot burst of something that nobody can take away & that feels important since after that coffee is finished I never have a coffee moment that is just for me. 
Courtesy of We Heart It.


* Job Hunting: such a tedious process, a complete drag & something I wish I didn't have to do as I do technically love my job but alas I must; although I have applied for a job that would be amazing & that I really want & would fit with the direction I want my qualifications to take me in. 

* Series breaks: so irritating! My housemate & I have become hooked, completely & utterly, on the slightly creepy series that is 'Scandal'. It's incredible & we are completely hooked, the story of the main characters is finally starting to unravel & then boom - a series break & I have no idea when it will be back on. That was my Monday night indulgence, alas it has been taken away from me. 

* Very VERY tight finances: this is why I am alas job hunting once more, I live in a fairly expensive place & at the moment due to one thing or another it is not proving to be even vaguely financial viable, yes I got & was able to pay rent & bills, but that is pretty much as far as it will go, I am living on a bit of a shoestring until I get a new job. OUCH is the best way of putting it. 

* Not being in a perky place: I must say I will be glad when this month ends in the hope a perkier place will arise in my brain for February. It's not nice feeling so out of sorts, I think stress & more has been gradually building & getting to me over & over again. 

So there we are some of the bits of the last week in a loves & loathes scenerio. What would be on your hump day round off?

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