Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Another week has flown by; so let's see what has made me week, ruined it & generally caused me untold levels of lust.


* Being back in a work schedule: this has been lovely, granted today was only day 3 so I'm sure I'll change my mind, but it's really nice being back in structure again, to be using my brain again (even if sometimes it feels ready to explode) & have good & bad days for a justified reason. I'm not good at 'not doing' so this work return has been very needed.
* Hula hooping: I am one of those many people who has the hopping bug, not to the degree of being a hoop dancer, or incredibly skilled - not at all, I just hope around my middle. That is all. But I love doing it & it's something you can do in the garden, in the house, whilst watching 'Stalker' or similar & if it cuts away my middle squidge all the better for it.
* Cold morning walks: I am a summer bunny, but also really love the sort of cold mornings that are so crisp you end up feeling it in your face & lungs, having those long walks in the mornings are lovely & something I am really enjoying at the moment. it's a chance to not really be but just to enjoy a long romp prior to work.
* Headphones & music: I can't have a day without music, it feels as though I am missing something, so for me plugging myself in whilst walking, or working or doing whatever I am doing is a daily occurrence & one that keeps me happy. It cannot be beaten, in my opinion anyway, even if it does lead to me dancing whilst ironing or singing loudly to the potential distaste of the cats!
* Counting down moments: I've been doing these for a number of reasons lately; end of January ('dry January may I add) being one of them, getting to see someone who has been away travelling for a year would be another one, I am in a lot of count down mode & yes that includes for pay day!
* Being 'dry': I opted to do 'dry January' I think my waist line is rather thankful as it gets slimmer, it's quite something being able to say that I am sticking to it & partaking in it, although I cannot deny I am rather missing a nice G&T here & there.
* Stalker: slightly creepy programme but I am hooked & entirely holding my housemate responsible for this, it is her fault entirely for introducing me to this 'on the edge of your seat' series, but it has become rather a guilty pleasure for a Monday night!


* The waiting game post interviews: ghastly waiting game experience that tends to fill me with nothing more then utter dread, fear & somewhat lower my 'go me' moments. It's very easy to feel incredibly insecure as days tick by & you wait to hear.
* Battling moments between heart & head: this is something that is driving me mad, do I listen to my heart or my head? Which is actually rational? Which way do I actually go with it? or more do I actually know which is which talking to me? Naturally this is in relation to the world that consists of; guys, sex, relationships . . . that messy section of human nature & life experiences.
* Tight pennies: Roll on pay day . . . or a job with a little more security would be good, I have matching undies to buy & would really like to feel less of a pinch all the time, although with a large rent every month it stands to reason that life will continue to feel a tad pinch with great regularity.
* Discovering holes in the bottom of shoes: so it rains, so I put on a pair of boots & walk, midway to work I discover that the left boot evidently has decided to formulate a hole at the bottom of my shoe, so now I have one squelchy wet & not pleasant foot & one perfectly happy foot. Incredibly irritating & the worst bit? I like those boots & don't really want to have to part with them, but alas fear I might well have to.
* Fat days: does anyone ever feel anything other then resentment & loathing for these days? I for one am having a lot of them as of late & they don't not lend to a happy mood or an upbeat persona, they also make get dressed a whole lot more difficult.
* Heating induced headaches: I go to bed to sleep, rest, refresh & ideally feel peachy, waking up with a head similar to a hangover mid 'dry January' is just not pleasant, not at all. Heating has a lot to answer for . . . oh come on summer I miss you!


* A new job that is actually financially stable & secure: Unfortunately as much as I love my job, a lot, it is not one for easing monetary related stress, far far from it, so the manic job hunt reigns strong & I have everything crossable crossed for a new job asap & to feel slightly less like a rabbit in headlights every single time I look at my ever suffering bank balance.
* A day of shopping or online shopping: I am seeing far too many lovely items at the moment that I greatly covet & am lusting over, I would quite like a new year splurging session, even if it is just to top up my underwear collection & to replace the boots with the hole!
* A proper cuddle: a proper cuddle would be lovely; either a cuddle with a lovely man, in bed, watching a film, they smell lovely & you feel safe in arms that are muscular & bigger then your own, that would be really lovely at the moment, or a proper cuddle from a friend/family member who you know loves you, a squeezy tight 'I get it, I love you, things will be okay' hug without having to explain what's going on or why you need it. Either or both would go down wonderfully about now.

What would be on your lists for the week?

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