Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

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* A new year: I am a big fan of a new year, the idea of a fresh start, of blank calendar sheets, of days yet to be tarnished & the idea of the 'possibility' whatever that might be.
* Zambuk: This is one of those magical moments that comes from living with my South African housemate; I had no idea what this stuff was when she launched it at me due to almost tears at rebelling skin & can I just saw wow! It's magic (or as the tin calls it 'the real makoya'); chapped lips, spot moments, dry patches - mended! I will be letting her launch it at me more regularly & will myself be on amazon soon to purchase a tin.
* Snack tea: bar the fact it aids snacking prevention it also tastes lovely, it's warming which is always a massive bonus when it's bitterly cold every day & often wet at the same time, this is very much a current love & staple of mine at the moment.
* Long walks: They clear my head, sometimes, I am lucky to live somewhere that has really nice walking areas & routes & that can enable a person, me, to walk & walk & walk for miles & hours until I feel refreshed, calmer & have jumped in enough puddles to satisfy the inner child!
* Zentangle & doodling: I am a chronic doodler & love zentangle & doodle moments, it is one of those little things I can (& will) do anywhere, with coffee, on my bed, whilst watching a film, it keeps itchy fingers at bay & is just one of those things, but also I love that no matter how similar a doodle may start they are never ever the same at the end.
* Calendars & filofaxes: I cannot abide feeling disorganised, I am obsessed with lists, organisation & order in some ways, so having a new filofax set of infills & a calendar has been a weirdly relaxing moment for me as I slot everything in over the next few weeks & am able to feel like there are no horrific surprises waiting for me.
* Echinacea tea & tablets: it keeps the bugs at bay, or it has done so far. I've felt a bit crumby here & there but have not ended up with the fantastic levels of flu that my brother & his girlfriend had the week before & of Christmas, so there is something to say for a dose of echinacea in ones life.
* Long, really hot showers: I love showers, am not a bath person, I have to really fancy a bath, but there is nothing better, especially in winter when it is bitterly cold, then a long, exceedingly hot shower that gets into your scalp & limbs, especially if before bed when you have freshly dried linen on your bed waiting for you.


* Having to watch my pennies big time: there is nothing nice about being excruciatingly skint especially at the beginning of a new year. It doesn't not make for a happy bunny, but does make a tee total month easier!
* Chipped nail polish: This is one of those silly, incredibly female bug bares that I have & that drives me mad, especially if I don't have time to redo my nails or if it is a big chip as then I tend to get itchy fingers & pick at it, that does not aid the appearance of nail polish ever!
* Constant sales email: This slots in with being skint, but it is driving me a little mad that daily I get these charming, taunting, emails from ASOS & other places that I love about yet more lowered prices, more shopping opportunities & it is so far from fun; if I had more pennies I'd be embracing the new year sales like everyone else, alas I do not.
* The heartbreaking sight of empty market huts: this is excruciating weirdly, it upsets the child in me. The Christmas market is something that my city does very well, it is beautiful & surrounds the ice rink that goes up every year, but then Christmas comes & the stalls start being pulling down, emptied & all you are left with is the lone new year ice skaters & it's weirdly saddening.
* Endless holes in tights: this is driving me nuts at the moment, I have a pair of shoes that I adore, that are a bit of a o to & that are incredibly comfy but they have a flaw, a big flaw; they make holes in the toe section of tights every single time I wear them & it's slightly to irritate me. I dread to think how much money I have spent on tights since having this particular pair of shoes.
* Fainting moments: nobody, at least I imagine nobody, enjoys these moments, but today has been a day with a few wibbly, wobbly, moments & 2 fainting sessions & it really scrambles my brain for a period of time afterwards, not in a small way but quite a big way where I am discombobulated for the rest of that day.

So that's my list for this Hump Day; what would be on your loves & loathes lists for the last week?

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