Sunday, 11 January 2015

How much is too much sharing?

So I was considering this the other day; perhaps a few too many episodes of Sex in The city, or general considerations over just how much I share with my friends & how much they share with me & it got me wondering How much is too much sharing?

I have some amazing friends, I have also landed myself in a house with a rather fab housemate & as such, things from our lives get shared & often to insane degrees of openness & at times I find myself wondering if everyone does this with their friends, or if I just have a bunch of friends who really are that at ease with their opinions, their lives & their thoughts.

When I share we share I mean just that; obviously there are some friends of mine that I don't experience sharing to a questionable degree, but the ones who know me inside & out, the ones who are beyond vital to my life & experiences, well there seems to be no holds barred experience in that particular boat. Oh & no this is not sharing that occurs because we have had a G&T or pint too many, it just is the way it is & I don't think I'd have it any other way, not with these particular friends anyway.

And we really do share everything; sex, relationships, embarrassing moments, drunken idiocy, figures, down days, friendships, parents, family, piercings, sex (this will always come up a lot in close & open friendship groups I think), periods, shopping, life . . . the list could be endless, this led me to questioning whether it all comes down to one thing;

do we as a society share too much? 

Do we not have secrets anymore? Are we all very open with each other? Should our dearest friends know if period sex is a yes or a no or of our preferences with our partners? Should we really share the things that irritate us about the people that we love if the people that we love may not know or have a chance to defend themselves? Is there a line of what is acceptable & what is not?

Personally, since I know I do share a lot with those closest to me I can definitely see the benefits, the ups to having amazing people in your life, but that's where it ends I don't share every last detail with Tom, Dick, Bob & Harry, I am selective in who knows what & to what degree based on how much I trust them & how comfortable I am with them. So should we censor ourselves more then some seem to do?

Where would you draw the line? Would you draw the line at all? Do you share things? I know for one I will not be airing every last thing in intense personal detail on this blog for the world to see, yes I will be honest & open & share events, experiences, confusions & more but in a considered way, a way I feel is fair to those in my life who have to live it with me.

I do think the likes of 'Sex in The City' can be a little misleading, not everyone has their tight knit group of 4 who all get on with each other & who all share & are that open about every intimate detail of their existence. I do get the importance of girlfriends who you can do that with, but even then it will not be a episode tv worthy, but at the same time you have to ask yourself - if you didn't share with those you love & trust where would you get advice, information, empathy & more? I know many people who wouldn't go to their parents about the world of sex & all that comes with that, so what if you didn't share (or over share) with your dearest friends either, then what?

So can you share too much?

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