Friday, 23 January 2015

H & M Wish List.

So sometimes when you are feeling rubbish you need a pick me up & sometimes the pick me ups that are needed are a little lust moment here & there, safer if your purse is in one room & you & your laptop are in a different room, even better on a different floor.

So without further ado let's head on over to H & M & lust together, here are the selection of things I have been lusting over lately.


Lace Blouse; £19.99, Wide sweatshirt; £12.99, T-Shirt Dress; £14.99, Airy Blouse; £14.99, Lyocell Shirt; £24.99, Straight Shirt; £14.99, Long-sleeved Blouse; £12.99, Frilled Blouse; £12.99


Trousers Loose Fit; £14.99, Trousers in Imitation Leather; £14.99, Jersey Leggings; £7.99, Leggings with a Print; £14.99, Sequinned Trousers (Silver); £29.99, Sequinned Trousers (Gold); £29.99, Lyocell Shorts; £19.99, Jacquard-Weave Shorts; £19.99.


Wide Jumper; £14.99, Knitted Cardigan; £12.99, Long Cardigan; £29.99, Waistcoat with a Hood; £12.99, Rib-Knit Jumper; £29.99, Long Cardigan; £29.99, V-Neck Jumper; £14.99, Pattern-Knit Jumper; £24.99.


Fine-Knit Dress; £19.99, Crêpe Shirt Dress; £24.99, Patterned Shirt Dress; £19.99, Knitted Dress; £39.99, Striped Shirt Dress; £29.99, Long Shirt; £24.99

So there is some of the things I have been lusting over lately & in H & M specifically, what have you been lusting over lately? 

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