Friday, 2 January 2015

A new year; resolutions & hopes for it.

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So 2015; how on earth did that happen? How has 2015 jumped upon us with such speed & sneaky rapidity? It feels a little baffling but here we are in a new year yet again. 

What are my hopes & aims for the year that lies ahead of me now? It feels like a big year because at the end of it I turn 30 & that is alarming in my mind & has somehow convinced me that this year in whatever way, shape or form, has to matter & have things that matter or aid growth in some way or another. Way to instantly put pressure on a year hey? 

I'd like to be happy as much as possible, that is something I think everyone should hope a new year can hold for me, I'd like to cross off as much as I can from my 'prior to 30' list that I shared previously, I'd like to have moments of laughing excessively at times & often, create memories to regularly return to & enjoy returning to. Develop, create, ponder, muse over & learn more about me, who I am, who I want to be & what really makes me tick. 

To quit smoking, be fitter, run more & in the manner I used to, hula hoop far more (in the same way do more of the things I genuinely enjoy doing), be in touch & see the people I love more then I managed to do in 2014, get a new job & rapidly or at least have more security in the job I have at the moment, I job I happen to love & don't really want to have to erase but might have to if security remains questionable, apply for the next course on my journey towards qualifying as a counsellor. 

To develop this little blogging space, fill it, make it me, make it interesting, make it something to be proud of & about (I have plans, a mini diary just for here, ideas, plans, topics & similar), have a tee total January & who knows maybe more months throughout the year. 

Read more of the books I haven't read but want to, get tea/coffee with ma, not just swing by her house here & there, take stock more regularly, be thankful more regularly, have more 'me' time & blank time & time to not be doing for others, make mistakes, learn from them, love from them, laugh about them.

Ultimately I want 2015 to be a fantastic year in whatever ways it wants to be, or hopes to be or ends up being & with it to be braver, because if I am not braver in some ways how can anything fantastic actually be allowed to occur?

So what are your hopes for the year ahead? Do you make resolutions? 

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