Friday, 30 January 2015

ASOS Wish List.

I have this theory, that the less money you have the more you lust, or at least that is what happens in my brain. I guess like when my mother is not dieting she wants bad food but doesn't have it running around her brain, then she says the word diet & all she can think of are Snickers Ice Creams (this is my point as she loathes both ice cream & snickers).

So with that in mind I am letting my 'financially dieting brain' dream of many an ice cream flavour!

Asos is my gelato seller of choice this time, this time looking at undies - I am a stickler for matching undies, they feel important to me, jewellery & shoes;

Undies & pjs:

Dark Rose Brazilian; £8, Jack Wills Gladwith Fairisle; £39.50, Halter Chiffon & Lace Playsuit; £25, Oysho Stripe Lounge Bottom (£25.99) & Oysho Stripe Lounge Top (£25.99).
Rosa Lace Triangle Bra; £14. Rosa Lace Thong; £6, Wildfox Lover's Bouquet Soft Bra & Ruffle Short Set; £ 84, Dark Rose Triangle Bra; £18.
Lilac Flower Triangle Bra; £16, Lilac Flower Thong; £8, Star Chiffon Frill Tie Back Triangle Bra; £18, Star Chiffon Brazilian Brief; £8.
Mary-Kate Frill Edge Bra; £16, Mary-Kate Brazilian Brief; £8, Mary-Kate Apex Front Fastening Triangle Bra; £16, Mary-Kate Thong; £8. 


Ottoman Hands Stone & Hand of Fatima Bracelet; £42, Multi Row Festival Choker Necklace; £15, Long Charm Tusk Necklace; £8, Dreamcatcher Hand Harness; £8, Mystic Hoop Charm Earrings; £10, Fashionology Set of 4 Mini Hoop Earrings; £18, Orelia Open Feather Bangle Arm Cuff; £22, Leaf Swirl Through Earrings; £8.


Minkie Loafers; £28, Jude Woven Lace Up Leather Shoes; £25, Report Signature Allon Velvet Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots; £66, Stratford Pointed Heels; £35, Shuffle Flatforms; £25, Harriet Black Glitter Cut Out Shoe Boots; £72, Make Ends Meet Suede Loafers; £22, Amber Lights Weave Leather Chelsea Boot; £45, Minute Timber Suede Moccasin Shoes; £30, Jamila Lazer Cut Two Part Sandals; £22, Soludos Original Barca Washed Mint Stripe Espadrille Flat Shoes; £39, Fenella Fringe Flat Leather Sandals; £35, Enticing Laser Boots; £48, Amongst Us Fringe Suede Booties; £38. 

So there we are some of the bits; undies, jewellery & shoes that I am craving & lusting over as of late. What would you lust over in these categories at ASOS at the moment?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

How is it already the end of January? This is alarming, massively so but to get to the ending of months must come the ending of weeks & with that comes hump days & if you are me, hump day round ups of the lusts & loathes. 


* Birthday frivolities: on 24th it was my step father's birthday & we got oodles of us together at different stages of the day for what was lovely & in his mind also. We started the morning at the crack of dawn (well for a Saturday) & heading off for a day's clay shooting, lots of fun despite the cold (lots & LOTS of layers, hand & foot warmers & coffee) & I managed to win myself £30 in a bet as to hitting a clay with my last 3 shots. Then as a family off we heading in the evening for dinner (3 courses) at The Hotel Du Vin, where he & my mother stayed for a night. He enjoyed his day & so di everyone else. 
Courtesy of We Heart It. 

* Zentangle: I am obsessed. It's something I love doing, at any given moment I'll find I have a pen in my hand, sketchbook, notebook or bit of paper somewhere & the doodling begins. I am a doodler, an endless, continuous doodler, but I love it & sometimes I really need it to keep my head a little more sane. 
This picture is one of my many zentangle moments.

* Pay Day: hardly one to get excited about, not at all, but it means I paid rent & bills this month so for that I will be thankful & hey my brother owes me £ after the clay shooting bet went in my favour. 

* The email telling me that Deliciously Ella's book is on it's way: in theory I will receive it tomorrow, I have the app on my phone, I read the blog, I preordered her book in October & I have been counting down to getting that email, so now I have it & blip, funk, less then perky days have suddenly been a little bit mended. 

* That first coffee of the morning: as silly as this may well sound, that first sip of the first cup of coffee of the morning is just divine. It's a slot of time just for me. No errands, no people, no work stuff, no nothing, just me, sitting cross legged indulging in a hot burst of something that nobody can take away & that feels important since after that coffee is finished I never have a coffee moment that is just for me. 
Courtesy of We Heart It.


* Job Hunting: such a tedious process, a complete drag & something I wish I didn't have to do as I do technically love my job but alas I must; although I have applied for a job that would be amazing & that I really want & would fit with the direction I want my qualifications to take me in. 

* Series breaks: so irritating! My housemate & I have become hooked, completely & utterly, on the slightly creepy series that is 'Scandal'. It's incredible & we are completely hooked, the story of the main characters is finally starting to unravel & then boom - a series break & I have no idea when it will be back on. That was my Monday night indulgence, alas it has been taken away from me. 

* Very VERY tight finances: this is why I am alas job hunting once more, I live in a fairly expensive place & at the moment due to one thing or another it is not proving to be even vaguely financial viable, yes I got & was able to pay rent & bills, but that is pretty much as far as it will go, I am living on a bit of a shoestring until I get a new job. OUCH is the best way of putting it. 

* Not being in a perky place: I must say I will be glad when this month ends in the hope a perkier place will arise in my brain for February. It's not nice feeling so out of sorts, I think stress & more has been gradually building & getting to me over & over again. 

So there we are some of the bits of the last week in a loves & loathes scenerio. What would be on your hump day round off?

Friday, 23 January 2015

H & M Wish List.

So sometimes when you are feeling rubbish you need a pick me up & sometimes the pick me ups that are needed are a little lust moment here & there, safer if your purse is in one room & you & your laptop are in a different room, even better on a different floor.

So without further ado let's head on over to H & M & lust together, here are the selection of things I have been lusting over lately.


Lace Blouse; £19.99, Wide sweatshirt; £12.99, T-Shirt Dress; £14.99, Airy Blouse; £14.99, Lyocell Shirt; £24.99, Straight Shirt; £14.99, Long-sleeved Blouse; £12.99, Frilled Blouse; £12.99


Trousers Loose Fit; £14.99, Trousers in Imitation Leather; £14.99, Jersey Leggings; £7.99, Leggings with a Print; £14.99, Sequinned Trousers (Silver); £29.99, Sequinned Trousers (Gold); £29.99, Lyocell Shorts; £19.99, Jacquard-Weave Shorts; £19.99.


Wide Jumper; £14.99, Knitted Cardigan; £12.99, Long Cardigan; £29.99, Waistcoat with a Hood; £12.99, Rib-Knit Jumper; £29.99, Long Cardigan; £29.99, V-Neck Jumper; £14.99, Pattern-Knit Jumper; £24.99.


Fine-Knit Dress; £19.99, Crêpe Shirt Dress; £24.99, Patterned Shirt Dress; £19.99, Knitted Dress; £39.99, Striped Shirt Dress; £29.99, Long Shirt; £24.99

So there is some of the things I have been lusting over lately & in H & M specifically, what have you been lusting over lately? 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Silly irritations of female life.

So after yet another moment where my day ends with me having to throw yet another pair of tights into the bin, laddered legs is one thing & I don't mind depending on my attire for that day, but when the ladders & holes are at your toes it is the most irritating experience ever, so it got me thinking about the things that are a little irritating about being female, about the silliness that can come with the insane female world of fashion, preening, even shower routines & yes at times sex - there are lots of categories & moments.

Quick & vital clarification though - I love fashion, I love being girlie & secretly perhaps I slightly love the silliness of preening routines; it's a constant in a regularly far from constant life. 

So what are some of these things?

* The world of hair removal: so let's be honest we all have to do it & not a little bit but all the damn time! The possibilities are numerous; waxing, sugaring, shaving, tweezing, lasers, using an epilator, threading. . .  you get the idea. The warmer the weather the faster the hair grows back which is a tad infuriating, then there are the ghastly risks of ingrown hairs, you have to make sure you have exfoliated & heaven help you don't pay concentration, you risk either cutting yourself with a razor or boiling yourself with hot wax. Showers would save more water if it was not for hair maintenance & let's be honest does anyone massively enjoy waxing sessions? It hurts, it really hurts & often bikini waxes will leave to a selection of bleeding moments.

* Laddering tights: stands to reason that this would have to feature after throwing away yet another pair before I sat down to this. You have three choices with the world of tights; always carry a spare pair in your bag (good in theory not always remembered in practise) or just hope you don't get ladders or accept them as a part of your life, potentially a fairly regular
part. Some shoes create endless toe holes, some clothes or bags or even public furniture create snags or you are in a rush & pull them up & on a little too fast, even more likely is this to happen when you think you are buying a certain type of denier & actually that shop in question is telling fibs & their denier is a hole lot lower.

* Blisters: you have on an amazing pair of shoes, potentially a new pair or a pair you weirdly haven't worn in a while so you put them on & very quickly it begins the excruciating pain that is the beginnings of blisters. You will between the ages of 13 & further go through an utterly ludicrous number of plasters; fabric, clear, bright blue, blister plasters, every variety. You will also end up with feet that are slowly but surely changing shape or have scars from blisters & all in the name of shoes that look incredible.

* Smears: got to be done & I mean GOT TO BE DONE they are really important, but up until that first letter drops on to your doormat you live in harmonious bliss of the ignorant variety. Then you get it & you make the appointment & from that moment on every 3 years you have to make the appointments & trek your way off to lie on your back, legs in stirrups, butt naked from the waist down, whilst a nurse shines basically a floodlight at your foof & scraps away in circles with a magic scraping brush to the count of 4 & if you are me, or like me, you stare at the ceiling whilst making atrocious small talk to try to make the reality not the reality. Also is it just me or do you end up 'prepping & preening' prior to these appointments, wearing the good knickers & making sure your are 'maintained' & tidy?

* Lipstick on teeth: how can you check, recheck & all is fine then smile & have a friend or worse a stranger tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth? It's a strange mystery of life & one that is just irritating, yet let's be honest would we ever give up the lipsticks we love to prevent the risk of teeth smudge?

* Kirby grips/bobbie pins: we buy them, we lose them, we buy them again, we lose them again, we use them to a ridiculous level - they are crucial to daily life & to helping bad hair days or guaranteeing good hair days remain so. Yet they end up in the hoover, the washing machine, making holes in clothes, bottom of bags, getting lost left, right & centre. So we buy more, then when we are tidying we find that the thousands that we have lost have been multiplying into greater thousands & are just everywhere!

So there we are, there are some of the bug bares & silly irritations that come with female daily life, others could obviously include; the fear of queefing, foot maintenance - rough, split heels are not ideal, hormone induced spots (as if hormones won't bad enough we also get skin of doom), the constant risk of VPL - when was the last time guys had to pick underwear carefully for their chosen outfit? Pelvic floor exerices; oh how lovely & if you don't do them can you imagine at what point a cough will become a leak?

What would you add to your list?

Pictures courtesy of we heart it. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Rat & Boa & Sabo Skirt Wish List.

So another Friday & a little more lust . . . it happens & I like to think there is no harm in it, although starting to find that online lusting can make for an unhappy being when you make the error of looking at a bank balance, or looking at things that just make you long for flirty beach days or picnics in parks, or pub garden evenings all of which require one key thing . . . sunshine! I am already massively lusting for summer & all that it brings with it. But that aside it's a Friday & time for coveting! This time at 2 new places to my horizons; new but ones I know I will end up buying from . . . at least once.

First off, it's Rat & Boa, I love the items on this site, granted the ladies are teeny tiny in size, but that asides I love the styling of the models & outfits & of the clothes themselves, so here are some of my lust areas; once my stomach & more are as they should be.

Aurora Twin Set; £42, Wanderer Crop; £28, White Tie Dye Shirt Dress; £28, 'Simple-T' Black Chiffon Twin Set; £42 & Heartbreaker Crop Top; £28.

White Willow Slit Maxi Dress; £38, White Off The Shoulder Crochet Dress; £36, Cobalt Blue Dress; £30, Navy Mirage Dress; £38 & Cobain Hoodie; £40.

Do you know of Rat & Boa? What would be on your wish list from their little corner of the internet?

Next up, it's Sabo Skirt . . . this place makes massive summer longings, & tousled unkempt hair. It's nearly February, surely summer can spring up on us with great rapidity?

Boyfriend Jeans - Black; £33.68, Seashell Shorts; £20.64, Atlantis Shorts; £26.07 & Grey Charmed Skirt; £28.25.

Stretch Pants; £22.81, Carlisle Crop; £26.07, Black Knit Top; £22.81 & Tie Dye Top; £17.38.

Wave Crop Top; £22.81, Prophecy Top; £22.81, Mia Top; £20.64 & Maiden Tie Dye Playsuit; £26.07.

Zephyr Playsuit; £31.51, Sanctuary Maxi Dress; £28.25, Vanity Shirt Dress; £31.51, Avery Overlay Maxi; £42.37 & Goddess Macrame Maxi; £36.94

Do you know Sabo Skirt? What would be on your wish list?

So that's my Friday lust session, now to tidy, iron & sort what I already own in the hope it curves lust cravings from becoming reality all too quickly. 

Happy lusting! 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Another week has flown by; so let's see what has made me week, ruined it & generally caused me untold levels of lust.


* Being back in a work schedule: this has been lovely, granted today was only day 3 so I'm sure I'll change my mind, but it's really nice being back in structure again, to be using my brain again (even if sometimes it feels ready to explode) & have good & bad days for a justified reason. I'm not good at 'not doing' so this work return has been very needed.
* Hula hooping: I am one of those many people who has the hopping bug, not to the degree of being a hoop dancer, or incredibly skilled - not at all, I just hope around my middle. That is all. But I love doing it & it's something you can do in the garden, in the house, whilst watching 'Stalker' or similar & if it cuts away my middle squidge all the better for it.
* Cold morning walks: I am a summer bunny, but also really love the sort of cold mornings that are so crisp you end up feeling it in your face & lungs, having those long walks in the mornings are lovely & something I am really enjoying at the moment. it's a chance to not really be but just to enjoy a long romp prior to work.
* Headphones & music: I can't have a day without music, it feels as though I am missing something, so for me plugging myself in whilst walking, or working or doing whatever I am doing is a daily occurrence & one that keeps me happy. It cannot be beaten, in my opinion anyway, even if it does lead to me dancing whilst ironing or singing loudly to the potential distaste of the cats!
* Counting down moments: I've been doing these for a number of reasons lately; end of January ('dry January may I add) being one of them, getting to see someone who has been away travelling for a year would be another one, I am in a lot of count down mode & yes that includes for pay day!
* Being 'dry': I opted to do 'dry January' I think my waist line is rather thankful as it gets slimmer, it's quite something being able to say that I am sticking to it & partaking in it, although I cannot deny I am rather missing a nice G&T here & there.
* Stalker: slightly creepy programme but I am hooked & entirely holding my housemate responsible for this, it is her fault entirely for introducing me to this 'on the edge of your seat' series, but it has become rather a guilty pleasure for a Monday night!


* The waiting game post interviews: ghastly waiting game experience that tends to fill me with nothing more then utter dread, fear & somewhat lower my 'go me' moments. It's very easy to feel incredibly insecure as days tick by & you wait to hear.
* Battling moments between heart & head: this is something that is driving me mad, do I listen to my heart or my head? Which is actually rational? Which way do I actually go with it? or more do I actually know which is which talking to me? Naturally this is in relation to the world that consists of; guys, sex, relationships . . . that messy section of human nature & life experiences.
* Tight pennies: Roll on pay day . . . or a job with a little more security would be good, I have matching undies to buy & would really like to feel less of a pinch all the time, although with a large rent every month it stands to reason that life will continue to feel a tad pinch with great regularity.
* Discovering holes in the bottom of shoes: so it rains, so I put on a pair of boots & walk, midway to work I discover that the left boot evidently has decided to formulate a hole at the bottom of my shoe, so now I have one squelchy wet & not pleasant foot & one perfectly happy foot. Incredibly irritating & the worst bit? I like those boots & don't really want to have to part with them, but alas fear I might well have to.
* Fat days: does anyone ever feel anything other then resentment & loathing for these days? I for one am having a lot of them as of late & they don't not lend to a happy mood or an upbeat persona, they also make get dressed a whole lot more difficult.
* Heating induced headaches: I go to bed to sleep, rest, refresh & ideally feel peachy, waking up with a head similar to a hangover mid 'dry January' is just not pleasant, not at all. Heating has a lot to answer for . . . oh come on summer I miss you!


* A new job that is actually financially stable & secure: Unfortunately as much as I love my job, a lot, it is not one for easing monetary related stress, far far from it, so the manic job hunt reigns strong & I have everything crossable crossed for a new job asap & to feel slightly less like a rabbit in headlights every single time I look at my ever suffering bank balance.
* A day of shopping or online shopping: I am seeing far too many lovely items at the moment that I greatly covet & am lusting over, I would quite like a new year splurging session, even if it is just to top up my underwear collection & to replace the boots with the hole!
* A proper cuddle: a proper cuddle would be lovely; either a cuddle with a lovely man, in bed, watching a film, they smell lovely & you feel safe in arms that are muscular & bigger then your own, that would be really lovely at the moment, or a proper cuddle from a friend/family member who you know loves you, a squeezy tight 'I get it, I love you, things will be okay' hug without having to explain what's going on or why you need it. Either or both would go down wonderfully about now.

What would be on your lists for the week?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wake up brain, please wake up!

This week I returned to the world of work, with this comes the realisation that I really do need my brain to back to functioning levels & a little more used then it has been over the last 4 weeks. That is a daunting & somewhat exhausting prospect. 

You'd be amazed at how quickly you can get out of the working habits you might otherwise have & I became incredibly aware of this yesterday. So off I dollied to work; headphones plugged in, eclectic mix of music playing, large coffee in hand, telling myself that 4 weeks wouldn't have made my brain die. Alas I was wrong. Just to explain I work at a university working with students depending upon their needs & I love it, however depending on the subject sometimes you really need your brain, class one to through at my head - degree level history, ouch! I very rapidly became aware of 3 things; 
1. My brain had indeed hibernated.
2. I could no longer sit still with as much ease for 3 hour slots, not at all, my tail bone & legs resented me a lot for re-thrusting this experience at them, more so because it meant sitting on chairs - something I through preference tend not to do.
& 3. In less you like history enough to continue reading about it during a 4 week period of time, you will feel as though your mind has been hit by a bus on returning to the subject. 
I was greatly underprepared, even more so when it did to instantly go smoothly - the first room I had been given was in fact the wrong room (thankfully another person I work with & a student had also been given the same wrong information); after mad dashes to faculty offices we found ourselves at the right place, however half an hour late. Have you ever tried to work out what the hell you have missed in 30 minutes on a subject you do not know particularly well? It is not easy. After 3 hours of that I then had a great need to attend to; a caffeine top up (this will not be a job that will ever allow for a reduction in caffeine levels), a walk & to try to find the newly scrambled pieces of my brain. 

One question was going round inside my head on repeat; how the hell did I manage this before Christmas? Because I had & I had managed it well. 
It's strange to feel daunted by a job you know, nor is it particularly reassuring, but today is day 2 & I am aiming for no room issues & to feel a little more brain ready, although granted the prospect of 3 hours of history as a starting point at 9am is making me already plan the coffee I'll be ordering from 'Eat, Drink & Bee' on the way to that class & yes it will be the largest size I can get. 
It's amazing to acknowledge that actually brains are rather a lot like muscles & get out of habits with as much ease as those habits that help a toned backside to get wobbly can occur. I have a suspicion that over the next month especially I will be doing lots of boosting in brain, muscle & habit formations. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

How much is too much sharing?

So I was considering this the other day; perhaps a few too many episodes of Sex in The city, or general considerations over just how much I share with my friends & how much they share with me & it got me wondering How much is too much sharing?

I have some amazing friends, I have also landed myself in a house with a rather fab housemate & as such, things from our lives get shared & often to insane degrees of openness & at times I find myself wondering if everyone does this with their friends, or if I just have a bunch of friends who really are that at ease with their opinions, their lives & their thoughts.

When I share we share I mean just that; obviously there are some friends of mine that I don't experience sharing to a questionable degree, but the ones who know me inside & out, the ones who are beyond vital to my life & experiences, well there seems to be no holds barred experience in that particular boat. Oh & no this is not sharing that occurs because we have had a G&T or pint too many, it just is the way it is & I don't think I'd have it any other way, not with these particular friends anyway.

And we really do share everything; sex, relationships, embarrassing moments, drunken idiocy, figures, down days, friendships, parents, family, piercings, sex (this will always come up a lot in close & open friendship groups I think), periods, shopping, life . . . the list could be endless, this led me to questioning whether it all comes down to one thing;

do we as a society share too much? 

Do we not have secrets anymore? Are we all very open with each other? Should our dearest friends know if period sex is a yes or a no or of our preferences with our partners? Should we really share the things that irritate us about the people that we love if the people that we love may not know or have a chance to defend themselves? Is there a line of what is acceptable & what is not?

Personally, since I know I do share a lot with those closest to me I can definitely see the benefits, the ups to having amazing people in your life, but that's where it ends I don't share every last detail with Tom, Dick, Bob & Harry, I am selective in who knows what & to what degree based on how much I trust them & how comfortable I am with them. So should we censor ourselves more then some seem to do?

Where would you draw the line? Would you draw the line at all? Do you share things? I know for one I will not be airing every last thing in intense personal detail on this blog for the world to see, yes I will be honest & open & share events, experiences, confusions & more but in a considered way, a way I feel is fair to those in my life who have to live it with me.

I do think the likes of 'Sex in The City' can be a little misleading, not everyone has their tight knit group of 4 who all get on with each other & who all share & are that open about every intimate detail of their existence. I do get the importance of girlfriends who you can do that with, but even then it will not be a episode tv worthy, but at the same time you have to ask yourself - if you didn't share with those you love & trust where would you get advice, information, empathy & more? I know many people who wouldn't go to their parents about the world of sex & all that comes with that, so what if you didn't share (or over share) with your dearest friends either, then what?

So can you share too much?

Friday, 9 January 2015

Free People Wish List.

Hey hey Friday; time for lusting & wondering why this year is already passing quickly, but then being busy does tend to make time fly by. With pennies being watched in a cry worthy manner, lusting is my go to at the moment, so after a plethora of job interviews, a few moments of not being massively perky, a Friday coveting session at one of my favourite places feels entirely justified. Let's have some Free People lusting!

Top Row: Floral Print Ruffle Back; £88, World Traveller Pullover; £58, Printed Trouser; £98, Free Falling Tapestry Print; £98, Waterfalls Necklace; £28.

2nd Row: Pintuck Crochet Insert Buttondown; £98, Aurora Espadrille; £138, Ear Cuff to Hair Chain; £16, Truxton Lace Boot; £168 Noel Wide Brim Leather Hat; £158.

3rd Row: Arrow Ear Pins; £88, Mod About It Tunic; £58, Poppy Denim Jumpsuit; £98, One Tie That Binds Blouse; £78, Bindi Bangle Set; £20.

4th Row: Foiled Open Side Romper; £88, Hendrix Sweater Legging; £58, Bathory Top; £68, Low Back Shirred Pullover; £88, Duo Crystal Charm Pendant; £78.

Bottom Row: Heartbreaker Tote; £98, Destroyed Ankle Skinny; £68, Tribal Earrings; £68, Cascades Cami; £28, Cabal Wedge Boot; £174.

So there is my small version of the lust that Free People is creating in mine. What would be on your lust list? 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Interviews . . . & the world of them.

Lilac hair does not always make for appropriate interview attire, alas it is true. So as much as the random lilac streaks have faded & I am itching to redo it, at the moment it has been put on hold (for lilac or similar urges & renewal compulsions looks like chalking is the way forward . . . for now at least).

Interviews, job hunting, both have been my life for the last few weeks & can I just say it's exhausting. You'd perhaps be surprised by how exhausting 'putting yourself out there' can be. I am shattered & in that ghastly waiting place of asking myself 'how did I really do?' For those that have been there (90% of the population I'd imagine) I have no doubts you can understand the lack of fun in the place post interview. 

Do I really want to be job hunting again? If honest no, not at all, I love my job (plus it allows for lilac hair) but financially I am greatly struggling, it's just not looking all that viable to stay where I am. So what are my options? A second job? Possibly but that would reduce life; social life, the chance of meeting a nice guy anytime soon or in the future & Mr & Mrs Taxman oh so love to get a tad tax-happy if you have two jobs. Or start from scratch & get an entirely new job . . . this is where I currently find myself in regards to navigation. Yes if things dramatically changed in security terms where I am now the job hunt would get launched out of the nearest window, but for now plow on one must. 

It's tough though sitting here now knowing that next week I have 2 interviews awaiting me & by tomorrow night I will have had 3 this week & they are all so different, often different salaries & although the contexts are similar in someways the daily experiences will all be varied & worlds away from each other so I start going down the path of if I was successful which job do I actually want? That's tricky when the variations are seemingly vast, hmmm. So in the mean time I am going to put my best face forward - without lilac hair & just hope.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hump Day; Loves, Loathes & Lust.

Pictures used in this post are courtesy of We Heart It.


* A new year: I am a big fan of a new year, the idea of a fresh start, of blank calendar sheets, of days yet to be tarnished & the idea of the 'possibility' whatever that might be.
* Zambuk: This is one of those magical moments that comes from living with my South African housemate; I had no idea what this stuff was when she launched it at me due to almost tears at rebelling skin & can I just saw wow! It's magic (or as the tin calls it 'the real makoya'); chapped lips, spot moments, dry patches - mended! I will be letting her launch it at me more regularly & will myself be on amazon soon to purchase a tin.
* Snack tea: bar the fact it aids snacking prevention it also tastes lovely, it's warming which is always a massive bonus when it's bitterly cold every day & often wet at the same time, this is very much a current love & staple of mine at the moment.
* Long walks: They clear my head, sometimes, I am lucky to live somewhere that has really nice walking areas & routes & that can enable a person, me, to walk & walk & walk for miles & hours until I feel refreshed, calmer & have jumped in enough puddles to satisfy the inner child!
* Zentangle & doodling: I am a chronic doodler & love zentangle & doodle moments, it is one of those little things I can (& will) do anywhere, with coffee, on my bed, whilst watching a film, it keeps itchy fingers at bay & is just one of those things, but also I love that no matter how similar a doodle may start they are never ever the same at the end.
* Calendars & filofaxes: I cannot abide feeling disorganised, I am obsessed with lists, organisation & order in some ways, so having a new filofax set of infills & a calendar has been a weirdly relaxing moment for me as I slot everything in over the next few weeks & am able to feel like there are no horrific surprises waiting for me.
* Echinacea tea & tablets: it keeps the bugs at bay, or it has done so far. I've felt a bit crumby here & there but have not ended up with the fantastic levels of flu that my brother & his girlfriend had the week before & of Christmas, so there is something to say for a dose of echinacea in ones life.
* Long, really hot showers: I love showers, am not a bath person, I have to really fancy a bath, but there is nothing better, especially in winter when it is bitterly cold, then a long, exceedingly hot shower that gets into your scalp & limbs, especially if before bed when you have freshly dried linen on your bed waiting for you.


* Having to watch my pennies big time: there is nothing nice about being excruciatingly skint especially at the beginning of a new year. It doesn't not make for a happy bunny, but does make a tee total month easier!
* Chipped nail polish: This is one of those silly, incredibly female bug bares that I have & that drives me mad, especially if I don't have time to redo my nails or if it is a big chip as then I tend to get itchy fingers & pick at it, that does not aid the appearance of nail polish ever!
* Constant sales email: This slots in with being skint, but it is driving me a little mad that daily I get these charming, taunting, emails from ASOS & other places that I love about yet more lowered prices, more shopping opportunities & it is so far from fun; if I had more pennies I'd be embracing the new year sales like everyone else, alas I do not.
* The heartbreaking sight of empty market huts: this is excruciating weirdly, it upsets the child in me. The Christmas market is something that my city does very well, it is beautiful & surrounds the ice rink that goes up every year, but then Christmas comes & the stalls start being pulling down, emptied & all you are left with is the lone new year ice skaters & it's weirdly saddening.
* Endless holes in tights: this is driving me nuts at the moment, I have a pair of shoes that I adore, that are a bit of a o to & that are incredibly comfy but they have a flaw, a big flaw; they make holes in the toe section of tights every single time I wear them & it's slightly to irritate me. I dread to think how much money I have spent on tights since having this particular pair of shoes.
* Fainting moments: nobody, at least I imagine nobody, enjoys these moments, but today has been a day with a few wibbly, wobbly, moments & 2 fainting sessions & it really scrambles my brain for a period of time afterwards, not in a small way but quite a big way where I am discombobulated for the rest of that day.

So that's my list for this Hump Day; what would be on your loves & loathes lists for the last week?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

DIY Almond Milk.

Homemade Cinnamon Almond Milk.

So if you don't have cows milk what are you left with? Goats? Almond? Rice? Soya? Coconut? Hazelnut? There are a myriad of options available, let's erase goats milk for a minute, I am a big fan of almond milk, I adore the stuff, unfortunately in my little town if you go to a coffee shop or cafe the chance of coming across it is very slim, so soy milk has to suffice, but outside of that, in my home almond milk is my go to & having just made a fresh batch for myself I thought I'd share it here as it's divine & so incredibly easy & go for you. 

1 cup of almonds
3 cups of water
cinnamon; about 3 teaspoons ish

1. Put your almonds into a bowl with water & soak them overnight; during that time pamper your feet, paint your nails & have a bit of a pampering day filled with excitement of upcoming almond milk (I say this because I love doing things like this pre Christmas). 
2. Drain the wee almond dudes the following day; add them to a blender with the 3 cups of fresh water; blend it up until it is smooth & has the consistency of milk.
3. Pour the milk through a strainer into a bottle or jug of choice.
4. Add the cinnamon & blender again so it is mixed through with flavoured goodness.

That's it; it's done & you have fantastic entirely natural, vegan, homemade, almond milk for your coffee or milk requiring needs.

Have you ever made your own soy or almond milk from scratch? How did you get on? Do you prefer it to the shop bought ready made world?

Friday, 2 January 2015

A new year; resolutions & hopes for it.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

So 2015; how on earth did that happen? How has 2015 jumped upon us with such speed & sneaky rapidity? It feels a little baffling but here we are in a new year yet again. 

What are my hopes & aims for the year that lies ahead of me now? It feels like a big year because at the end of it I turn 30 & that is alarming in my mind & has somehow convinced me that this year in whatever way, shape or form, has to matter & have things that matter or aid growth in some way or another. Way to instantly put pressure on a year hey? 

I'd like to be happy as much as possible, that is something I think everyone should hope a new year can hold for me, I'd like to cross off as much as I can from my 'prior to 30' list that I shared previously, I'd like to have moments of laughing excessively at times & often, create memories to regularly return to & enjoy returning to. Develop, create, ponder, muse over & learn more about me, who I am, who I want to be & what really makes me tick. 

To quit smoking, be fitter, run more & in the manner I used to, hula hoop far more (in the same way do more of the things I genuinely enjoy doing), be in touch & see the people I love more then I managed to do in 2014, get a new job & rapidly or at least have more security in the job I have at the moment, I job I happen to love & don't really want to have to erase but might have to if security remains questionable, apply for the next course on my journey towards qualifying as a counsellor. 

To develop this little blogging space, fill it, make it me, make it interesting, make it something to be proud of & about (I have plans, a mini diary just for here, ideas, plans, topics & similar), have a tee total January & who knows maybe more months throughout the year. 

Read more of the books I haven't read but want to, get tea/coffee with ma, not just swing by her house here & there, take stock more regularly, be thankful more regularly, have more 'me' time & blank time & time to not be doing for others, make mistakes, learn from them, love from them, laugh about them.

Ultimately I want 2015 to be a fantastic year in whatever ways it wants to be, or hopes to be or ends up being & with it to be braver, because if I am not braver in some ways how can anything fantastic actually be allowed to occur?

So what are your hopes for the year ahead? Do you make resolutions?