Monday, 29 December 2014

Thank you letters are important.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

I am someone that had thank you letters & the importance of them drilled into my very being from birth onwards & I mean drilled, so I came to really value them, I love letters in general both getting them & writing them.

From the start anytime we got a gift, stayed at someone's house, had a birthday or a christmas, letters were written & lists of who gave what to whom were created & pleasingly crossed off with every letter completed, addressed & stamped ready to send. I don't write a quick thank you, I tend to add a few snippets about Christmas or similar & ask after the person I am writing to; I am not a fan of a 'one size fits all' letter, in the same way I don't send round robins or newsletters - they bore me & feel hideously impersonal.

So today here I sit after 3 'christmas days'; the wonders of 2 brothers with a wife & girlfriend & 2 parents who are divorced & have remarried, in the comfiest, sloppiest attire & warm slippers, large steaming mugs of (regularly microwaved) coffee & a selection of differing notecards, paper & pens & I am all set to continue to tradition of writing to those who thought of me this year. Yes even my parents get thank you letters.

Laundry is being done, bed is made & although I have a plethora of other things to do over the next few days, including celebrating new year with family, writing other 'just because' letters, applying for jobs & doing tasks related to upcoming interviews, thank you letters have taken first place on the to do list, in part because I loathe the idea of people ever thinking I take things for granted or don't care that they thought of me.

So I was wondering, are thank you letters still important in today's society? Do people still write them? Do you write them & do you ever receive them?

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