Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Prior to 30 I'd like to . . .

Having a hope or a list doesn't necessarily make the contents come into fruition, but without a starting point, even if only a mental one, nothing can come to be. So sometimes you have to at least put the beginning of the wheels in motion process in well motion. 

So here are some of the things I'd like to do, or start doing or working towards prior to turning that utterly ghastly & somewhat scary number that is 30.

- Learn to drive (yes finally!)
- Ride a unicycle & nail it.
- Try to learn to be a little kinder to me.
- Apply for my next course on the pathway towards qualifying as a counsellor.
- Make a plethora of fantastic memories & experiences with people I love & who are important to me.
- Move house into a house where I can have my siamese back with me.
- Work out who is really important to me & my life & try to be more ruthless with those that just cause energy to be zapped & upset; 30 will be a big number so perhaps culling will be necessary.
- Try to work out what is really important to me & who I want to be as a person in all life areas.
- Read the books I always wanted to read but put off or 'didn't have time' for.
- Quit smoking; got to try to save my face & body somehow & I've been smoking for a little too long.
- Create a blog space I can enjoy, be dedicated to & to a degree be proud of.
- Do more of what I love, with who I love or with myself; creating, art, projects, fashion, writing, dreaming, drawing, walking, etc
- Actually do some saving!
- Get a job that doesn't leave me in the precarious positions that this job has done financially; hard situation when you love a job but it is making survival hard.
- Be braver; in life, with a blog, with myself, my heart, with experiences, with telling the truth & not always being who people need me to be but who I am . . . eeek!!
- Have a Canopy & Stars long weekend away.
- Have a long weekend or a week's holiday with the 'wife' again, we haven't done that in 2 years & we had a giggle last time. Sometimes making time for girlfriends is important.
- Go to at least 2 festivals this year.
- Take photos; keep mementos, make memories, capture all sorts.
- Get the 4-6 pack I used to have back; even if getting there slightly kills me.
- Detox on a month by month basis; sometimes you have to acknowledge that you are ageing & your system will eventually not allow you to consume alcohol in quite the same 'untouchable' ways.
- Zentangle a day.
- Properly start keeping personal journals again.
- Get back into swimming again & generally massively boost fitness & erase wobbly areas.
- Risk getting hurt again; some guys are not the right ones, I guess no matter how much that might hurt I have to risk or be willingly to risk the hurt that can again come from putting my heart out there & hoping.
- Get another tattoo that I have designed & ideally get a friend to do it for me.
- See friends, ring friends, Skype, text & write to friends with far more oompf then I have managed as of late. Important people may not always know you think they are important if you don't remind them.
- Be more of the person I want to be in all areas; style, lifestyle, events, experiences, manners, activities etc then the person I seem to have allowed people to determine me to be & in turn spend more time on those who love me for me & let me be the person I am; layers, henna & all.
- Do, or at least train for, a marathon.
- Go horse riding again even if only a few times & not how often I used to; I miss it.
- Learn a language; if possible 2.
- Attempt to learn sign language.

There are numerous other things I have to put on this list, but for now it feels daunting enough to see the list & to accept that I'll be turning 30 sooner then I would like.

Would you have a list of things that you'd consider doing pre 30? Does age matter that much? Is it really worth being daunted by?

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