Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hump Day; Loves & Loathes.

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I am a chronic list maker, I love making them, for everything & ultimately anything; to do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, lust lists, event lists, packing lists, daily lists, I am one giant set of lists, including summaries over the weeks loves & loathes moments. So let's go with it. 

So what has the last week looked like in those categories?


* Good friends & time spent with them; for giggles, wine, gin, catch ups, long chats & just moments that make me remember how wonderful my friends are & how lucky I am to have them. Friday & Saturday especially were good times that included those things are more & tomorrow I am all set to have that again as the Christmas market starts & post work I will be doing mulled wine, mooching & time with two of my favourite faces. 

* Bio Oil; I may always remain a firm fan of this stuff, I love the smell, the way it moisturises your skin, the fact that it has numerous uses - dry hair ends, cuticle skin, stretch marks, your face, all sorts, I am a big advocate & where some loathe the smell I love it, it also is probably the babies equivalent of warm milk before bed - I have a bio oil moment. 

* Music; I am a big music fan, I don't have a day when I don't listen to it in some way or another, whilst walking, whilst running, whilst getting ready, where I am not a big TV person I am a big music lover & I love that I have music loving friends who like to send me new bands to listen to, like for instance First Aid Kit, a definite new favourite & a band I definitely recommend. 

* Layers; in the world of 'style' & fashion, I am a massive fan of layering up, I love mixing fabrics, patterns, colours & more & given the weather & dip in temperature layers will always be a winner, they also help on days you are feeling less then slim you get to disguise the bits that are making you feel less then perky. 

* Online 'window shopping'; I have made so many mental (& online) wish lists as of late, I am a big fan, as long as it doesn't lead to actually pressing that magically spend button, but away from that it's proving to be a great stress reliever, work out christmas gift ideas for others & yes I must confess at times buy things. 


* Stress factors; there are various areas of life at the moment that are causing me great levels of stress, in turn it's giving me stressed skin (never much fun), some are more likely to be solved more quickly than others, but when areas are out of your control it does make you feel a little more . . . well stressed! 

* Unhappy skin; I am not saying I have perfect skin, I really don't but generally it's rather good skin, so I am not best pleased that at the moment I am enduring what can only be described as break outs thanks to the aforementioned stress. So given the increase in age (ouch) skin will never be as forgiving as it would have been a decade ago, so out with the green tea & an increase in water! 

* Being so close to pay day & yet so far; does anyone enjoy that time period between skint & a little less so? I'd like to think not, then you find yourself telling yourself that 'next month' you will be 'sensible' & start budgeting, it may not actually occur . . . however again it's making me think that I should probably attempt both of those things.

* Utterly mortifyingly embarrassing moments; I'm not actually going into detail on all of these, but it's fair to say that in the last week I have had a number of moments I'd much rather find a way to erase from my memory (& ideally others too) - oh well we live & learn & ideally in these situations laugh it off & move on . . . VERY quickly! 

So what would be on your lists if you were to make them for the last week?

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