Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Daily Water Tally.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

This may seem like a painfully dull post topic but there we are. In a nutshell with rising stress levels my skin is not all that happy on top of which, my love for coffee has continued to increased & I must confess, somewhat replaced water. So with 30 less than a year away & skin being important to me I've decided that somehow I must keep tabs or the water I do, or do not, drink because the reality is that I just do not drink enough of it. 

I used to have rather good skin, not at the moment, I also used to be very good at drinking water, again not so much at present, there isn't really any excuse either & the reality is that a large % of the time that people eat & feel hungry actually they are dehydrated, so my extra lumps & bumps are probably also somehow linked to not drinking as much water as I should be. 

So let's see what happens if I actually keep a daily tally in my daily diary of water drunk & when & see if I can lower those levels of toxins (otherwise known as utterly lovely coffee indulgence), get 'my' skin back to where it was pre stress & with it improve hair, mood & waistline & no doubt more. 

Why do I already fear this may not go as well as I might like? 

Let's see I guess. 

Do you regularly drink water? Are you good at grabbing water over diet coke or coffee? Do you make it fancy with lemon slices or mint? What makes you guarantee you drink water? 

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