Sunday, 16 November 2014

29 & a fresh start.

I'm newly 29, which feels like a ghastly admission to make & with that came an abundance of thoughts & yes a ludicrous level of list making & then before I knew it I'd deleted my blog in favour of the idea of a fresh start. A place I'd actually make the effort with & not find I was returning to here & there in an exceedingly messy & ad hoc manner. In the same 'shit I'm nearly 30 manner' I grabbed a bottle of dye & added lilac to my hair, drank potentially too much & danced like my life depended on it (the prevention of a hangover did depend upon it), found I was doing chin ups (with help) in one of my favourite pubs (as one does), because if one's going to do these things best do it now!

It's my last year in my 20's & I'm determined, where possible, to make it a good one, do things I've put off doing, create a blog space I can be genuinely proud of & navigate the array of hurdles that makes up life & I have every intention of documenting it as & when it occurs, lilac hair dye, doodling moments, fashion lusts, loves & ensembles & all!

So it's a Sunday, I'm cosy & warm at the mummio's house & have a coffee date later with a friend of mine & her scrumptious, giggly 4 year old daughter, then back to the working week tomorrow, so in the manner of fresh starts I thought I'd do a bit of a 411 on me, share some snippets of utterly random information & give an idea of what to expect from this little corner of the world.

Why 'Little Niggly Bits'? A previous boss of mine who is fantastic & I still see regularly changed my name after about 6 months into my working time there, he changed it to 'Niggles' & it stuck & has continued to stick. It came about because I'm a quirky being & when he told me I was odd I explained that I wasn't odd I just had niggly bits & it's accurate really. So that's why this is what it is.

I love fashion, my siamese cat (who lives with my mother), creating things, dreamcatchers, gin & tonics, a good chinwag with friends of mine who are incredibly important to me, music, festivals, brown paper, snail mail (people do not write letters enough in my opinion), coffee (I am basically caffeine fuelled), long walks, blowing dandelion clocks, list making, markets & knick knack stores & oodles more, but you'll learn this as I scribble away here.

Random things; I can put my feet behind my head, I don't eat meat, love almond milk (even better when made by myself), will wear flip-flops for as much of the year as I can, I regularly have conversations with a friend of mine that is ultimately made up of nothing but gibberish yet somehow it makes sense to us, I know how to make sunscreen from scratch, I'm a big fan of boardgames & 'heads up' fantastic game when a little tiddly (that being what happens when I drink, I don't get drunk I get tiddly or a little sloshed), I struggle to pass a dandelion clock without picking it & blowing it & yes making a wish.

What do I want this place to hold? Things I love; fashion (will be brave & do ootd), beauty, lists, events, experiences, food, running, vegetarian whimsy, creative endeavours & more. So watch this space & let's see what occurs.

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  1. Can't wait to read more posts Beanie :) Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx